Clay paw prints and ways to honor your pet's memory

Clay Paw Prints



An imprint can be made of your faithful companion’s paw.  This is a wonderful remembrance.  The imprint is made in polymer clay.  After it is baked, it hardens into a permanent, resistant artful piece, that you will cherish along with all the memories of your friend.  

If you would like to have this wonderful remembrance, you may fill out this form.  You can choose from the following models:




The Basic Paw Print (cost $40)

This paw print is simple, yet made with care by Home Pet Euthanasia.  It is the imprint of your faithful companion's paw in polymer clay.  There is no engraving, finish or dyes.  It is made using a technique which will prevent imperfections such as dirt or hair from getting into the clay, without using paint as a cover up.                                                      

If you wish to have a Home Pet Euthanasia Paw Print, please fill out this form.

Here is what the Basic Paw Print will look like.  Please note that the size of the model depends on the size of your pet's paw.


                                                                    Home Pet Euthanasia's Basic Paw Print


The Basic Paw Print with Engraving (cost $60)

This carefully made paw print has the same caracteristics as the Basic Paw Print but the name of your pet is engraved on the front and you may choose a short personal message to be engraved on the back (such as "In loving memory of Honey").


                                     Basic Paw Print with Engraving (front)      Basic Paw Print with Engraving (back)


The Engraved Paw Print with Pearlescent finish (cost $85)

This paw print has the pet's name engraved on the front and a short personal message engraved on the back.  You may choose to have hearts laid on the sides of the paw.  The entire model will be covered with a pearlescent dye which will give it a lustrous finish. 


                                                  The Engraved Paw Print with Pearlescent Finish (front and back)


                                               The Engraved Paw Print with Pearlescent Finish (front and back)


                                               The Engraved Paw Print with Pearlescent Finish (front and back)


The Deluxe Paw Print (cost $125)

This beautiful artwork has your pet's paw print on the front with hearts on the sides of the paw print.  Your pet's name will be engraved on the front.  A personal message is engraved on the back.  Colored pearlescent dyes are laid on the paw and on the engraved name of your pet (color of your choosing).  The back of the model also has a uniform pearlescent finish.  This model requires several hours of work to make and is a wonderful remembrance. 









                                                  Clay paw print     clay paw print







                                              Gus_front      Gus_Back      



Paw print courtesy of Peaceful Paws

Please note that the Private Cremation includes a similar basic paw print, courtesy of Peaceful Paws.  This print is not made by Home Pet Euthanasia and is a bit thinner than the one we make, is cut with a cookie cutter and the top surface is painted to mask any imperfections.