Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia, definition

There is not much controversy regarding pet euthanasia. It is a much different issue than the controversy engendered by the subject of euthanasia in people. It is a commonly held principle that as pet owners, we have a responsibility and a duty to make the decision to put our pets to sleep when, in our viewpoint, they have come to suffer and are no longer enjoying life.

The word euthanasia comes from the Greek and means “easy death” or "good death". The root “eu” means good, improved, easy. “Thatanos” means death. It is the act of ending a pet's life for humane reasons. It is done by the administering of an overdose of anesthetic in as painless a manner as possible. Some common synonyms are “putting to sleep”, “put to sleep”, “put down”, “euthanize”, “mercy killing”, “humane end of suffering”, “painless death”. Some incorrect variations I have also heard are “euthanization”, “eutanize”, etc...

Pet Euthanasia Articles

In the Understanding Euthanasia section, you will get a complete description of how the euthanasia procedure is done, whether it is done in a pet hospital or in the peaceful comfort of your home.  We believe that the more you know about the subject, the less upsetting and less traumatic the procedure will be for you and your family.  Reading this section will help prepare you.

Understanding Death will prepare you for the departure of your pet's spirit from the body and you will gain an understanding of what to expect regarding what will occur in the body.  Will your pet's eyes close?  Will there be twitches?  Will the bladder and bowels release?  Read this section and you will have no surprises and you will be calmer and more prepared for the physical manifestations of death.

Will the Use of Sedation make things easier or harder for your pet?  Some veterinarians are adamant that every pet needs to be sedated before euthanasia.  Others never sedate pets before euthanasia.  Some people - and veterinarians-  have had a bad experience with sedation prior to their pet's euthanasia, some people -and veterinarians-  have had a bad experience when their pet was not sedated prior to euthanasia.  Bad experiences either way are usually due to a wrong choice regarding pre-sedation.  What will be best for your pet?  You will learn about the pros and cons of this choice and will understand better the choice that will be made for your pet.

In the Dog Euthanasia section, you will find information that pertains specifically to dogs and to different breeds of dogs.

In the Cat Euthanasia section, you will find information pertaining specifically to cats.