Natasha was my girl. She was just so funny and tough! She had an independent spirit and did not take a sh** from no one. Especially her older brother Grissom. However, Natasha was also the sweetest. She loved to go for walks and drives. We sang/howled together with her cute voice. She loved exploring and examining everything that peaked her interest. We gave her lots of nicknames. One of my favorites was "Martian". I'll spare you the explanation haha. I knew Natasha inside and out. She knew me and knew how to get whatever she wanted out of me haha. I miss her dearly.

We had Natasha for 11 years. We got her at the same time as her brother Grissom, who sadly passed 2 years before. Although we had so many memories through the years, the last two had meant the world to me. I had been going through some rough times before Grissom passed and having that occur at that time put me into a huge depression. However, I had Natasha. Of course I had my family but, Natasha was with me 24/7. She lived with me, would come with to work with me. I spent every waking hour with her. She was with me as I slept. I made sure that I was going to give her the best I could for as long as she lived. I hugged her literally everyday! Multiple times. I couldn't even begin to express how grateful I was to have her with me.

I am currently living in Ghana, Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Natasha getting lung cancer before I left was the biggest blow to a deep wound. However, being here now, I've realized the Impact both Natasha and Grissom have left on my life. They have taught me to love all life as it is the love of your life. The love I have learned from them is allowing me to help others in ways that I wouldn't have been able to without them. And from these unfortunate circumstances, I have developed the strength to cope with almost anything. I am motivated to do good by them as they have done everything for me.

I love you Grissom.
I love you Natasha. 
I am doing my best.

Justinpeter Santos
La Palma

Friends who remember Natasha...

❤️ You are loved.
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