Hello.  My name is Dr Dior and I have been practicing veterinary medicine since 2006.  I have been part of the Home Pet Euthanasia team since 2013.  My husband and I have two wonderful children, and we also have dogs, cats, horses and many happy and funny chickens. I am also an avid equestrian. I look forward to helping you with your beloved pets by giving them the love, compassion, and dignity they deserve.

Professional information:

Full name:  Dr. Dior De Moraes
CA license 15276

What other say about their experience with Dr. Dior:


Cathy J.
San Clemente

I cannot give Dr Annie, Dr Dior and the whole team at Home Pet Euthanasia enough stars.  When we learned we had to put our baby down, I was so panicked and sad.  She hated the car AND the vet's office and I didn't want that to be her last time on this earth, anxious in the car.  My vets office recommended them and I am so glad we chose them.  First of all let me say that their website is the most informative website I have ever seen, just about answered every question I had before I even spoke to anyone!  Literally from the very first phone call from them, throughout the entire process they were like angels.  So compassionate, caring and kind and guided us and our little Lacie through a horrible experience.  She was in her own bed, with my family there, on my lap wrapped in her favorite blanket, so very comfortable.  They made a horrible time so much better and I didn't think that was possible.  We felt completely taken care of as well as our little Lacie.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about every staff member I had contact with and Dr Dior who was so very sincere, caring, knowledgeable and kind.  She took wonderful care of us all.  I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone.  So glad they were there for us and our Lacie.


Lute P.
Upland, CA

Having to say goodbye to our beloved companion was one of the saddest days of our lives. Dr. Dior was kind, patient, gentle, and compassionate. We were so grateful to be able to be able her come to our home. She explained everything and gave us plenty of time to say goodbye. We highly recommend Home Per Euthanasia.

Carol G.
Irvine, CA

I made the difficult decision to put my loving dog to sleep due to extended illness. I was referred to Home Pet Euthanasia by a neighbor. From the initial phone contact to the actual home visit all staff were compassionate, understanding and responsive. I made arrangements for their doctor to come to my home on the weekend. Dr. Dior was so kind and caring. She allowed my family and me to determine where we would like to have my dog most comfortable and every move she made was gentle and caring. The procedure was painless for my dog.  It also allowed my other dog to be present and understand what was happening. Afterwards Dr.Dior quietly slipped outside to allow us privacy with our dog. Home Pet Euthanasia made arrangements for my dog's cremation and return the following week with her ashes in a beautiful wood box. I highly recommend this humane and beautiful way to part with our loved pets.


Cathy G.
Irvine, CA

I am so grateful to have found Home Pet Euthanasia.  When my dog came to the end of her 17 years, I knew the right thing to do was to end her discomfort and let her go.  But my only prior experience with pet euthanasia had been when I took my previous dog to an animal hospital, where the cold steel table and bright lights frightened her, and the experience was traumatic for both of us.  Home Pet Euthanasia was completely different.  Dr. Dior came to our home, sat with us patiently, explained everything in kind and soothing terms, and was so gentle with our dog.  She made our pet comfortable and helped her pass peacefully, without the anxiety I had feared.  It was especially appreciated because this was my teenaged sons' first experience losing a loved one, and it helped them understand the solemnity of death.  We miss our girl very much, but we are at peace with her passing - and it is largely thanks to Home Pet Euthanasia.


Jo B.
Riverside, CA

Considering how sensitive these situations are, I have to appreciate how much compassion these people have shown from the very first phone call. I'd really like to thank Mary and Dr. Dior because they were so amazing during this difficult time. Having never gone through this experience before, we were very uneasy. However, Dr. Dior made the process smoother than I could have imagined. She was very comforting and walked us through every step with much compassion and patience. I really appreciated how she showed that she cared and would comfort Scamp as if she had known him his whole life. For anyone who finds themself in a tough scenario such as ours, please consider this service. They were very gentle and compassionate.. which is something pet owners need when coming to such a difficult decision.


Lindsay D.
Laguna Beach, CA

Losing our dog was the hardest thing we've ever had to endure as a family. I am so thankful and appreciative of the entire HPE team (specifically Chelsea and Dr. Dior) for helping us and our fur baby through this difficult time. The team was so warm, caring, understanding and professional - they made an impossible feeling situation just a little bit easier. We will forever be grateful for your help in letting our dog pass with dignity and surrounded by his family.


Michelle T.
Lakewood, CA

We took our Bailey boy back to the vet because he wasn't responding to the medication they prescribed him. The vet told us that he was in a lot of pain and that we should put him down. I was devastated and in shock since he had been healthy until about two weeks prior.  I knew that he would be scared and I wanted to be with him so that he could go gently. My friend recommended home pet euthanasia. Dr Dior was incredibly patient with us as we still hadn't come to terms with saying goodbye to Bailey. She explained the process and let us take our time saying goodbye to our Bailey boy. A few days letter I received condolence letter and some of his fur as a momento. It came at the perfect time and made me feel like I had a piece of him with me. Two weeks later I was able to pick up his ashes and paw print. Saying goodbye to Bailey was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but being able to have bailey at home Where he was most comfortable made the situation a little easier. Thank you Dr Dior for you kindness towards my family and I.


Sherene O.
Tehachapi, CA

We are immensely grateful to Dr. Forslund and Dr. Dior for allowing us to say goodbye to our dear Lucy in the comfort of our hotel room. We were away from home when Lucy let us know that she was ready to end her battle with cancer. It was clear that this needed to happen quickly or it would have become and emergency requiring a trip to an animal hospital. On her last day of chemo I had promised Lucy that she would never have to go back to the hospital, so I was especially grateful to find Dr. Forslund on Yelp, and even more grateful to get such a quick response on a Sunday!
Dr. Dior, who was dispatched to our aid on exceptionally short notice, treated all of us with great respect and gentleness
Thank you for this important work that you do... and do so very well.


Mona R.

Thank you Dr Dior for your patience and kindness. You handled our situation so professionally and with sincere kindness. I can't imagine going through this situation with anyone else.


Maura T.

Dr. Dior was amazing. She came in, explained every step she was going to take and made this very difficult process easier. Our dog was in no pain, and seemed comfortable during the visit. I would recommend HPESC to anyone that has an ill/elderly pet.


Jeff K.

Under the most difficult of circumstances Home Pet is one of the most professional, understanding services I have ever dealt with. It was time for our beautiful, most friendly, loving Lab, Abby, to leave us after eleven years of camaraderie. Dr. Dior is the most caring, professional vet we have ever met. Dr. Dior was kind, patient, and showed a level of empathy that truly helped us through a most difficult time. When it is time to say goodbye to your loving, faithful pet I heartily recommend Home Pet Euthanasia.


Spontaneous thank you emails from clients:

Thank you for everything you did to get the doctor out to my house tonight. It means so much. And she was such a wonderful woman, so good with him but also with us. I can't say enough good things about her. Really, his death wasn't so bad. It's being without him that's unbearable. I know you understand. Thanks again.

I just wanted to thank you for your help with our lab, Bella....
And to give a good word about Dr. Dior.
She was exceptionally professional, while being empathetic, thoughtful, gentle...
She helped ease our pain.
Thank you all,
Doug Cross

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