We are providing service at this time, and are following COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Call us:  657-255-8611

We are continuing to provide euthanasia services at this time, as our service is considered an essential, emergency service.  This means that if your pet is suffering and needs to be euthanized, our doctors will come to your home to provide you with this invaluable service, as long as our doctors remain symptom-free.

We will uphold the CDC's recommended precautionary measures. 

In order to protect our doctors and the other families we service, if anyone in your family is displaying symptoms, they will not be allowed to attend the euthanasia.  The other family members will be required to wear a mask (only if someone in the family is symptomatic). 

We are normally very warm people, we provide comfort and care and we usually hug the families we help.  However, at this time, in an effort to protect our doctors, you and the other families we help, we will maintain 6 foot social distancing.  We understand how difficult this time of loss is for you, however,  in order to protect you and the other families we service, please be respectful of the precautions we all have to take.  Please do not touch the doctor and maintain social distancing.

In summary:

- We are providing euthanasia services (and QoL assessments where it is deemed urgent)

- Please alert our staff if anyone in your home has symptoms

- Please keep symptomatic people in a different room than where the doctor will be and if someone in your home has symptoms, please wear masks

- Follow CDC and OC Health directives on how to protect yourself and your family

- Maintain social distancing throughout the visit.