Grieving The Loss of a Pet

On this page you will find subjects relating to grieving a pet, bereavement of a pet, handling the loss of a pet, grief support, dealing with the loss of a pet, dealing with grief, coping with the loss of a pet, grieving the death of a pet, even such effects as depression following the loss of a pet. No matter what term you use, it all comes down to the devastating effects that loosing a pet can have on your life in general and how you can handle it.

When you step onto this page, you completely leave the realm of veterinary medicine and I step aside as a veterinarian and step in at a completely different level. Apart from being a veterinarian, I am also a trained Life Coach and a trained Dianetics counselor. As such, I do not act as your veterinarian and step into a completely different relationship.

Now you have lost a pet or are about to lose one. What can you do to recover? Different people have different responses to such a loss. No one can deny the human animal bond that can exist and how heart wrenching it can be to experience that kind of a loss. As an individual, everyone has their own life force and this life force can be affected to a greater or lesser degree when a loss is experienced. By life force, I mean your urge towards survival, your ability to enjoy life, to reach happiness, to surmount difficulties, to create your tomorrow, achieve your goals and many other things.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be able to take unbelievable blows from life and still seem to be able to rebuild their lives, their fortune, their families and keep their cheerfulness and optimism through thick and thin? Some other people have a much more difficult time and fall back at what may seem like a minor failure or loss. You may find yourself in one of these two extremes or somewhere in between. There is an infinity of degrees and quality of life force because we are all individuals. Each individual is special and valuable no matter his or her endowment of life force.

No matter where you fit in the gradient of endowment of life force, when it comes to the loss of a pet, I think that anybody can find themselves baffled at the enormity of the loss they may feel.

If you find yourself grieving to a greater or lesser degree after the loss of your pet and you come out of it a short time later and feel ready to move forward, that is great!!! Some philosophies would have you introvert and figure-figure on what is wrong with you and tell you that you are in denial, at some other stage of the grief process or whatever they may say... I happen to disagree with this viewpoint. If you feel fine and life has not lost its zest and you are able to move on, there is nothing wrong with you, my friend! You don't HAVE to go to a particular pre-determined grief process. Look up, life is ahead, splurge on it!

However, a lot of people need a helping hand at a time like this and the loss of a pet can be experienced at a much deeper level no matter how much life force endowment you may have and time may not be what it takes to heal. Time may burry and hide the loss and it may not be in plain view to you on a daily basis, but it does not heal.

Past losses of a seemingly very different nature than the loss of a pet can get reactivated unconsciously at a time like this and it is very difficult if not impossible for someone to sit and try to figure out on their own what past loss may have gotten reactivated or why they feel so bad. In any case, it is a very bad idea to try to figure it all out on your own and may get you even sadder and more upset.

There are some valid forms of help; some other pretended forms of help will get you in more trouble than you bargained for and will invalidate, evaluate, tell you how you should feel and what you should think, may even suggest that you need drugs and will leave you feeling introverted, uncertain and even more lost than you were before you sought the help.

I can help you overcome your loss.

Alleviating the past

I am a trained Dianetics counselor. I have tried many different forms of therapies and self help.  None works as swiftly and with such amazing efficacy as Dianetics does.  As a matter of fact, I question whether any other psychotherapy works at all.  This technique will alleviate the pain of the past losses and injuries you may have suffered. As part of this aspect, you can also receive ASSISTS. An assist is defined as: a process which is done to alleviate a present time discomfort.

The fact of the matter is that the loss of a pet can reactivate earlier losses and even past physical injuries in addition to the magnitude of the loss you can feel for the pet you just lost.  You can not only feel emotional trauma, but you can feel physically ill. 

This is very important to understand when you look at the devastating effects that the loss of a pet can have.  And it can be devastating and hugely affect your life.  If it does, there is nothing wrong with you and countless pet owners have suffered just as much as you may be suffering from this loss.  The grief you feel is real and can be alleviated.  Yes, time will "help" but all time will do is bury your loss a little until the next time you experience another similar loss at which time it will be suceptible to be reactivated again.  But Dianetics counseling can rather easily heal your loss and the other losses you have experienced in your life and you can "move on".  And this is the best honor you can do your pet:  heal the pain so you can remember him with joy in your heart and leave the sadness and pain behind.

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Here are some links to some valid forms of help that will not take you down the path of drugs, invalidation or evaluation. On these links, you will find self help books and articles that will lead you to an understanding of what occurs when someone experiences a loss and how you can recover from it: