Thank you so much for the service you provided us for our sweet Maggie.  We knew this was the route we needed to take because taking her to the vets office made her a nervous wreck and we didn’t want her last moments to be so afraid and shaking.  This decision proved to be the best for Maggie as she was in the comfort of her home with family around in a more relaxed environment.  Dr. Lis was very caring and compassionate and completely understood what we were feeling.  She was patient as we said our goodbyes to our “princess” and we greatly appreciate the service she provided.

My dear sweet Maggie may you rest in peace.   You gave our family 13 years of unconditional love and for that we are grateful to you.  You were such a sweet and loving girl and you protected us when strangers approached.  You were never “just a dog” – you were and will always be a part of our family.  I remember the first time we took you to a kennel for the weekend, you looked at me with your eyes that told me you were not happy with us and that you were hurt that we left you.  Your eyes always spoke volumes to us so we always knew how you felt.  You were so intelligent, you even figured out how to open doors when you didn’t want to be left behind like at the beach motel in San Diego.  --  We were supposed to stay the whole weekend and ended up leaving after one night.  You knew that wasn’t a good place to stay. 

You were our “princess” and you can never be replaced in our hearts.  We have a lot of wonderful memories of you and you will never be forgotten.  We will treasure them forever.  We love you baby girl and we will miss you dearly.

Thanks again for all your support.

Tammy Carson

Friends who remember Maggie...

My dearest Maggie - I miss you every day. I know you, Madison, Sunny, and Nikki are all playing together. Thank you for loving us and blessing us with your presence. I love you always and forever.
Mags, I love you and miss you! You were the best dog. I wish you could have met Ellie. You two would have gotten along so well. Love you baby girl!
My sweet princess Maggie no other dog can take your place. It's been 3 years since you've been gone and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss having my sweet girl with me. I remember how smart and talented you were that you could open doors. I have so many good memories of you and just know you'll always and forever be in my heart. I love you my sweet girl and still miss you terribly.
Thinking of you. Love and blessings.
Maggie my sweet princess. It’s been two years and I miss you everyday. I know you are better now and am sure you are with Madison, Sunny and Nikki. Grandpa Ed had told us that when you got older that you would be a great dog and you were the best. Just know that you will always be in my heart and I will see you again someday.
Oh my sweet Maggie, you left a hole in our hearts. We miss you dearly and talk about you often. Love you baby girl!
My sweet Maggie - I miss you every day and I still get sad when I think of you. I miss looking into your eyes which used to tell me so much, our snuggles and our special time before bed. You’ll always be in my heart.
You will always be remembered with love!
Lots of love ❤️
My sweet princess, today is the one year anniversary of your passing and I think about you every day. I have so many special memories of you that it still makes me smile. You were the best and you will always have a place in my heart. I miss you and I am still sad that you are not here with us.
Mags, you have visited me twice in my dreams recently and I miss you dearly. I miss your endless love and snuggles. I miss how you would boss us around for dinner. Love you baby girl!
Mags, I miss terribly. I love thinking about the times you and Milo were together. It always makes me laugh thinking about when Milo would try and come upstairs and you would be at the top staring him down. You are our princess and no one can replace you. Say hi to everyone up there for me! Love you baby girl!
I miss you every day, baby girl. I know you’re with your cousins, bossing them around, and that comforts me some. You were the best girl - thank you for taking care of mom and dad. You’ll always be in my heart, right next to Madison, Sunny, and Nikki.
Maggie it's been exactly 6 months today since you've been gone. I think of you often and miss you terribly as only you can be my "princess". I know you're probably running around playing with Madison and having fun. I hope you found Grandpa Ed, Nana and Aunty Susie. Grandpa Ed told us that you'd be a great dog and you were the best. You will always have a special place in my heart. ❤️❤️
Mags, you were truly the "princess" of the family and became another niece to me. You were so special and may you rest in peace. Go play with your "cousins" Sam, Emma, and Lucy as I know that they are with you.
Lots of love ❤️
Thinking of you ❤️❤️❤️

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