Our beloved Roko came into our life as a rescue. He was less than a year old and had a broken leg that was already partially healed and he could barely walk on it. The previous owners did not care for his broken leg and ultimately allowed him to be rescued to have a better life. The first vets that saw him just wanted to amputate it and that was unacceptable. It took a huge investment and a really great vet to help save his leg but with many prayers he got to walk on all four legs again and run and play through his whole life. We could not have had a better outcome as we saved him but he ultimately gave us so much love and joy for 13 long years. The saying about "who saved who" is really true.

Roko loved all people and most all dogs. He was friendly and loved to take car rides where he would hang his head out of the passenger window whether he was in someone's lap or just riding shotgun (solo). Roko loved and insisted on taking long walks, he was always so full of energy and just loved to sniff and mark his path wherever that would lead. Roko could also be a very demanding dog and if he wanted your attention, or just a treat, or he thought it was time to go somewhere you would definitely know and find it hard to avoid his demands (lol). He would sometimes just want to chill and be with us on a lazy day, he loved to just sun bathe on the patio or sidewalk. We took him almost everywhere and feel he is still close to us on all our adventures.

We always knew the day would come to say goodbye but could not even fathom what that would be like, nor did we want to even imagine or plan for it. Our neighbor had an elderly dog that was ready to go, and they found Home Pet Euthanasia of So Cal to come and provide this end-of-life service. During Covid when most vets would not let you enter the office and be with your pet during euthanasia, it only made sense to use this at home service. After learning more about it from this helpful website we knew this was the best choice for us. The website's helpful info also gave us a few more precious weeks with Roko (in the end) by doing the "Quality of Life" assessment ourselves. 

Roko had no signs of being sick until close to 30 days before we let him go, so he had a happy healthy life with minimum amount of suffering at the end. We noticed an enlarged abdomen and rushed him in to be checked. The ultrasound showed a large Cystic mass in his abdomen cavity and they recommended a CT scan and a very invasive surgery, and of course the cost was astronomical. At 13 years we could not put him through that and we knew it was time to plan for his next journey where he would cross the rainbow and remain in our hearts forever. That's when we first made contact with Dr. Annie and her team and we knew this was the right choice from the first phone call. 

The website was so helpful in preparing us for that day and also in knowing when it was time to make that call. The hardest day of your life is letting go of a pet that made every day such a joy. In preparing for this day, we followed all the suggestions and it really made it more meaningful and such a great way to honor Roko's life and to say our final goodbye in that moment. We have never been so sad and cried rivers of tears as the moment came but that's exactly how it should be. I would never consider doing it any other way after having such a positive experience with Home Pet Euthanasia and Dr. Annie. 

Final words are from our memorial card we sent out to family and friends who loved Roko:

"In deepest sadness we held our friend Roko tight, but knowing his time was short we wept to him and comforted the best we could. In the end he looked to us with Love and Thanks. Our hearts broke as we knew the time to say our final Goodbye was close. We treasured every moment when you were here, you will live on in our hearts. You crossed the rainbow and made it to the fields of Heaven, where you can watch over us like you always have."

Angelica and Noah Keith
Orange, CA 

Friends who remember Roko...

We miss you Roko and you will always be in our hearts --
I miss my boy !
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️