Thank you very much for the service you provide at an almost unbearable time. Thank you Doctor Forslund and all of your staff for your courage and strength to help our special dogs Rest In Peace. 

Quigley spent the rest of his life with a huge smile on his face. He NEVER stopped smiling. He never quit and he always did his best to keep up with the rest of “his pack.”  As humans we all could learn from Quigley’s undying spirit, his determination and his acceptance of life as it changed for him.  I have never known a dog as joyful as Quigley.  Nor will another dog ever spread as much joy as he did with just his presence.

Losing our has been even more difficult then we ever imagined. Quigley came to share our lives when we were searching for our second Aussie.  We compete with our Aussies in Agility, herding, obedience and Rally. We were looking for that very special dog with endless enthusiasm.  We found just that, when we found Quigley.  Quigley was a quick learner and he had endless energy.  We used to call him our energizer bunny. He was quirky, whenever anyone coughed he’d lift his head and stare you down as if to ask if you were quite done.  If you kept coughing he’d leave the room. It wasn’t long before we’d cough we would  follow it with an “I’m sorry Quigs”.  We still do.  At meal time he would follow me as I carried his bowl to his spot, the whole distance, spinning like a top.   

In true Aussie style he could out bark the best. Sadly, just after turning two, Quigley suffered a spinal cord injury while herding ducks. He was paralyzed from just above the hips on down. He was in excruciating pain. My heart was shattered. After consulting with the neurologist we decided we couldn’t watch our energizer bunny in a wheelchair and requested that he be peacefully put down. Fortunately, for us the neurologist asked us to consider giving him 8 weeks for the swelling to go down and then,  based on his recovery we could decide how to proceed.  Obviously, Quigleys competitive career was over, but not Quigley. He was only just beginning his journey. A journey we would take with him. Thankfully though, Quigley recovered enough coordination to be able to walk and run again, albeit awkwardly. He required special boots too keep his hind feet from dragging, we spent years in PT with underwater treadmills and Rehab. Always working to maintain his strength. We were so grateful to have our always happy boy back.  

Four years later Quigley was suddenly unable to walk again   An MRI showed cysts on either side of his spinal cord at the level of his initial injury. After all of his hard work we felt we had to give him a chance and off to surgery Quigley went. He handled the surgery like the champ he was.  After rehab he was back to being Quigley in no time.  He was a fighter. He never gave up, how could we give up on him?  Quigley's  neurologist warned us that we would be blessed if we had Quigley until 8years old. He was going to suffer with early arthritis among many other difficulties due to his altered gait. We agreed we would never let him suffer. 

He was 10 years old (2 years older then expected) when he was peacefully assisted to the rainbow bridge. Despite all of his challenges, he brought his family endless laughs and memories. He will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. We miss our Quigley very much. I still cry and wish he was still with us but can now look at his pictures and smile at the memories. I talk to him daily and remind him I love him.

Tammy Pachura
Rancho Cucamonga

Friends who remember Quigley...

Quigley is remembered and still loved... ❤️
I wish I could pet you and tell you I love you just one more time Quigley. I miss you EVERY single day. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING SO MUCH JOY TO OUR LIVES.
hugs & love
Run free and play, free from deserve it...
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Quigley.
What a blessing for you and Quigley to have shared so much love!! My heart aches for your loss, but I am so happy for the love and adventures you shared!
Quigley I loved your smiling face. You will forever be missed by your family & friends. Run free of pain. RIP Quigley.
we love you sweet boy.
So very sorry for your loss, may you fly free among the stars sweet boy.
Hugs, ear and belly scratches all around
In loving memory of Quigley.
Such a determined soul and bright spirit. You were blessed to have had such a loving, caring family in your life. RIP Sweet Quigley. ❤
Sweet Quigley will always be remembered.
We love you and Mark and are so sorry for the loss of your Quigley. May he run free at the Rainbow Bridge.
The epitome of the love, strength, determination and heart of an Aussie. Such a beautiful, special boy. Run happy and free Quigley. ❤
Thank you for showing grace and love in the face of difficulties. You are an example for 2 legged an 4 legged beings alike. Run free and strong.
For a beautiful soul.
One of a kind, special, special boy, Quigley. You will ALWAYS be loved.
Rest In Peace Quigley. I'm sorry we never got to meet
You were loved , Quigs. Find Garfield and the two oh you can run forever!!!
I miss seeing your mom’s stories and pictures of you. I never met you but still knew you were special. Rest In Peace sweet boy.
I light this candle in rememberance of our very special boy. He will always have a place of his own in my heart. I miss you sweet boy. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. ❤️
so sorry to lose a wonderful pet. RIP Quigley
Rest in Heaven little one!
Know that you have touched lives and will be forever missed by your family Quigley, ..RIP
Rest in peace Quigley. God bless
Miss my energizer boy with the infectious smile and an everlasting can do attitude. No being will ever have the presence of Quigley in a crowd - everyone knew when he was there. He was definitely one in a million - never to be duplicated.
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️