We’d like to thank Dr. Meg, for her amazing compassion and patience with us through a very trying time. Remy left us in her own home, surrounded by those that loved her. Thank you for providing this service.

My husband and I wanted two new chocolates as ours had passed a few years prior. We went to  the breeder and sat in the grass with the four female pups.  Two chose us. Zoey chose my husband and Remy chose me.  For years  the girls went everywhere with us. If not out and about with us they enjoyed swimming in the pool. Remy’s life was sadly cut short.  With assistance from our amazing vet, we believe Remy continued to enjoy life until one sad day. We knew the time had come for heaven to get an Angel. For all of us that have had a pet that reads your mind, knows your thoughts and loves you anyway, you know our pain. 

To Remy we want to say:
You chose us, You trusted and believed that we were the right people for you, that we would give you a good home filled with love, safety and happiness. 

You trusted us to protect you, make sure that we always had your back no matter what. 

You filled our hearts with so much love, happiness and trust. We can only hope that we were the kind of people that deserved you. 

We hope that we can be as good as you.

Lynne & Doug Barz
San Clemente

Friends who remember Remy...

Remy, Not a day goes by that we aren’t thankful for the time you gave us. Thank you for choosing us.
I miss you sis!
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️