Our caring and compassion is what sets us apart.  From the first phone call, you will feel like you are well cared for, that you can freely express what is going on with your baby and give way to your emotions.  You and your pet will be safe with us.  Our heart and soul are into our service.  We truly care about you, your family and your pet and we will do all we can to make this difficult time easier for you and your family.  We have the technical skills in gentle hands that will enable your baby to pass peacefully, feeling safe, at home, surrounded by his loving family.  

Whether you reach out to us in the middle of a crisis late at night for the first time or you contact us 6 months or a year ahead of time and establish a relationship with us, we will treat you with caring and compassion and you will not regret entrusting your pet’s End of Life care to us.

As you will see in our bios, each one of us has a different story on how we ended up “in this business”.  It is more than a business for each of us.  Myself, my husband Todd, Dr. Julie, Dr. Lily, Dr. Dior, Dr. Lis, Dr. Daniel, Tracy, Cris, Kendra, Rose,…  we each have our own story and we invite you to get to know us better by clicking here.