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If you are visiting our website, chances are that you either have already made the decision that it is time to let go of your pet or the time is drawing near and you want to be prepared. You probably are looking for a way to make this transition easier for your pet, to lessen his suffering, make it painless and stress free.  Above all, you are looking for a caring and compassionate person to be there for your baby and for your family in such a difficult time.

Your pet may have severe arthritis, cancer, kidney failure, some other debilitating disease or he or she is just very old. He or She has been part of your life for many years, may have helped you through tough times, has been a faithful companion. Now, you see it in your pet's eyes. The love is still there but you also see suffering.

Why at home?

There is a huge difference between saying goodbye in the privacy and comfort of your home versus taking your pet to the vet's for that last, dreaded trip.

In a few words:  compassion, caring, in the safety of your home, relaxed, peaceful, stress-free, no cold, stainless steel, ...  To read more about why you should choose a home euthanasia,  click here.

You undoubtedly want your pet to be comfortable at home with you in his last moments.  You want your pet to feel your reassuring touch.  You want him to be on his soft, comfortable bed.  You want these last moments to be stress-free, peaceful, at home, in familiar surroundings.  No cold, stainless steel table, perhaps you want him lying next to you.  You want this moment to be quiet, calm, and for your baby to be in gentle, caring, kind and loving hands.

What do you do when the time has come? How do you make it easier on your pet, on your family and on yourself? How do you know the time has come? Do you know what to expect? These are all questions that will be answered on this website.

We offer a compassionate, caring and gentle pet euthanasia service done in the comfort of your own home so that your beloved pet doesn't have to be put in a stressful situation, having to be lifted into the car, going into a noisy, busy veterinary hospital to spend the last few moments of his or her life on a cold stainless steel table.

We primarily service the areas of Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, part of San Diego County, part of Ventura County and part of San Bernardino County.  But wherever you are in the world, the information on our website will help you through this difficult event of your life that is the passing of your pet.  We will gently guide you through the difficult decisions you will have to make and ensure that you have full understanding of what is ahead.

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