You may wonder why one would consider a home euthanasia.  Most people don't even think of this option, but so many reflect on it later and "wish they had known"... A common occurrence for me is for pet parents to stop me in a parking lot when they see my vehicle and come to me with tears in their eyes, telling me they wished they had known about my service weeks, months or years ago when their sweetie passed away, scared, on the cold metal table of a vet’s office.  

Rather than me telling you why a home euthanasia is such a unique experience for your beloved furry family member, here is what some of the thousands of families we have helped have said…

“I wanted my pet to be comfortable, peaceful, in my arms at the end…”  

“I wanted Buffy surrounded by her family, for her to know we were there for her and that everything was going to be OK…”

“I did not want my dog to die in a vet’s office.”

“We didn’t want Soho to be nervous at the vet’s, he hated going there and as soon as we turned the corner, he knew where he was going.  That is not something we wanted him to experience in his last moments on Earth.  We wanted him to feel safe and loved.”

“Your website was sincere and helpful.  I could see that you genuinely cared and that my pet was going to be in gentle, caring hands.”

“None of us want to die in a hospital.  To let him go at home where he liked to be was the final gift I could give him after all the years of love and devotion.”

“Other pets could be there to have their own closure and say their goodbyes too.”

“I wanted Phoebe to feel comfortable, loved, and I wanted to know, in my own heart, that I did the best I could do for her at the end of a lifetime of devotion.”

“You have the best reviews on YELP.  Those don’t lie…”

“He was my best friend.  There is no way I was going to let fear be his last breath.”

“We wanted a stress-free environment for our Sam.  He has already been through so much at the vet’s…  I had to spare him this last stress.  It was so special.  Totally stress free.  He was relaxed, we were all there for him, we had candles glowing, he was on his favorite bed…  I can look back on the whole thing with peace in my heart.” 

“Apart from all the benefits for my cat, which were already reason enough to do it at home, there was a huge benefit to me and my family.  The last thing someone wants is fall apart in public.  I needed the privacy of my own home and not to have to drive back home without Bailey, I did not want to be crying my eyes out in front of the staff of the hospital, make other clients uncomfortable, …  There was nothing like the peace it brought me to be able to cry freely and feel safe and cared for in Dr. Annie’s arms.”

“Dr. Annie is an angel of mercy.  She was patient, warm, understanding…  I felt safe and comforted.”