Navigating our website

Our website is our gift to you, the family preparing to say goodbye to a family pet.  As I have developed this field of practice mostly from hard won experience, since this field of veterinary medicine practically did not exist when I started my Home Euthanasia and Hospice practice, I came to realize that I was a pioneer in this field and that there were precious few trustworthy resources available on the internet as well as in the veterinary field. 

Guided by the situations I encountered, as well as by the questions families were asking me during the course of this End of Life Journey with their pet, I started adding material to my website so that the next family would be better prepared.  It became a project to have this information available to families worldwide.  This is why I say that this truly is my gift to families making the End of Life journey with their pet.  I seek no benefit from making this material available to families everywhere around the world.  I strive to make it as complete as possible so that you can more easily prepare for this painful event, understand what will happen, understand the choices you will make, understand what your pet is going through.

We organized the content in a manner that will make it as easy as possible to navigate and that will enable you to acquire the information you need.  Below, you will find a website map, enabling you to have a quick overview and to rapidly find the section that will be most helpful for you at this time.

... And perhaps, because of this enlightenment, the journey may turn into a surprisingly beautiful, life changing experience for you and your family.