There is a difference between the Private Cremation and the Individual cremation.  Most veterinary offices don't know the difference and don't offer the truly Private cremation and when one talks about getting their pet's ashes back, it is the Individual (also called Partitioned) cremation which will be done.  In BOTH cases, you will get your pet's ashes back and ONLY your pet's ashes, no one else's.  The difference is that in the case of the Individual Cremation, there will be several pets in the cremation chamber but they will be clearly compartmented (partitioned) which allows for clear separation of the remains and you can be assured that you will get only your pet's remains back. 

In the case of the truly Private cremation, your pet will be alone in the entire cremation chamber.  Of course, it is more effective cost wise and energy wise to run the cremation chamber for several pets once rather than to run it multiple times for each pet, so it makes the Individual cremation more affordable and you can still be assured that you would get only your pet's ashes back. 

Some families feel strongly about having their baby cremated individually and this is why we do offer that option.