The cremation service we use for your pet's Aquamation, if you were to chose this option, is Hearts and Halos.  You may visit their website at:  You may also call them at: 310-413-1813 and ask them any questions you wish about their Aquamation process and how they will care for your pet's remains. 

The urn shown in the picture to the left is the standard urn in which Hearts and Halos will return your pet's ashes.  If you would like to order a custom urn, please contact them at 310-413-1813 to place your order and pay for the upgrade fee.  You can see photos and upgrade prices of the custom urns on their website: 

Hearts and Halos use a process that is different than Fire Cremation.  Below is a wonderful video that shows the difference between Fire Cremation and Water Cremation.

We are proud to offer a gentler, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cremation. Water-based cremation (also called Aquamation, Alkaline hydrolysis, Bio-cremation or Green cremation) is an old form of body care that is recently re-emerging as it is gentler to the environment. Hearts and Halos Aftercare was the first licensed small business aquamation facility for pets in California. How does water-based cremation work?

With typical burial, bodies that are buried in the earth are degraded by alkaline hydrolysis, expedited by the soil bacteria – a very slow process. Aquamation uses alkaline hydrolysis to accelerate natural decomposition. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and minerals are used to decompose the body.  Similar to fire cremation, the only solid remains are the mineral ash of the bones (usually 20% more than with fire). The ash is lighter in color because it is clean, without carbon discoloration. Because the bone and ash needs to go through drying time, a day or two more is needed before ashes can be returned to families. Aquamation mimics the process that occurs naturally when a body is buried, accelerating the decomposition. Aquamation is currently approved for use in 11 states to process human remains and many veterinary schools have used the technology for decades.

Why do we offer water-based cremation?

    Gentle & respectful process
    Zero emissions of harmful greenhouse gases
    Low energy consumption
    1/10 the carbon footprint than flame-based cremation
    20% more ashes returned for families who request them
    The process is 100% clean, disease and pollutant free.

Hearts and Halos Aquamation is family owned and operated.  Michelle and Peter have been in  veterinary End of Life Care service for many years.  

What is Aquamation?

The following short video illustrates very clearly and tastefully the Aquamation process and how it differs from Flame-Based Cremation.