The cremation service we use for your pet's Aquamation, if you were to chose this option, is Paws and Claws.  You may visit their website at:  You may also call them at: 714-363-3354 and ask them any questions you wish about their Aquamation process and how they will care for your pet's remains.  They have an open house policy and will welcome you in their facility and give you a tour upon request.

Paws and Claws use a process that is different than Fire Cremation.  This is a wonderful video that shows the difference between Fire Cremation and Water Cremation: 

Aquamation is a green alternative to fire cremation.  It is a final disposition option that uses the gentle circulation of heated water and alkali powder to reduce the body to the mineral ash of the bone.  The process mimics Mother Nature by gently breaking down tissues using only 3 things:  water, temperature and alkalinity.  This is similar to how a body would decompose naturally.  Unlike fire cremation, once the body is placed in the machine, it is not touched or moved at all during the 20 hour process.  
The aquamation process is 100% green, and unlike fire cremation, creates no toxic emissions.  It does not pollute or contribute to greenhouse gases.  It uses significantly less electricity and natural gases than fire cremation.  Therefore, the process is also gentle on our environment.  The liquid byproduct of aquamation contain no chemicals and is actually an effluent that consists of micronutrients that benefit wastewater treatment plants.
Paws and Claws Aquamation is family owned and operated.  Brian Kondrath has been in the funeral industry for over 25 years.  He is a California state licensed embalmer, crematory manager, funeral director and cemetery manager.  Brian has a degree in Mortuary Science.  Deanna Kondrath has been in the funeral industry for about 10 years and has a B.S. degree in Business Administration.  Their son Mark McDaniel has a B.S. degree in Animal Science and has worked as a veterinary technician.  

What is Aquamation?

The following short video illustrates very clearly and tastefully the Aquamation process and how it differs from Flame-Based Cremation.