The cremation service we use for your pet's Aquamation, if you were to chose this option, is Eco Pure Pet Aquamation.  You may visit their website at:  You may also call them at: 714-714-0461 and ask them any questions you wish about their Aquamation process and how they will care for your pet's remains. 

The urn shown in the picture to the left is the standard urn in which Eco Pure will return your pet's ashes.  If you would like to order a custom urn, please contact them at 714-714-0461 to place your order and pay for the upgrade fee.  You can see photos and upgrade prices of the custom urns on their website:

Eco Pure uses a process that is different than Fire Cremation.  Below is a wonderful video that shows the difference between Fire Cremation and Water Cremation.

A word from Eco Pure:

"We are here to help you explore your options before and after Aquamation.
Aquamation is a flameless process that uses water instead of fire. It is a gentle respectful option, turning you beloved pet's ashes back to you without causing a harmful footprint to our planet.
Aquamation is a gentle process of breaking down the body’s tissues using water, heat, and alkaline. This process is based on the natural decay that a body undergoes when buried in the ground. Instead of taking numerous years, the body will decompose in less than a day.
The water molecules that break the bonds and the flow of water is similar to a creek or steam.  At the end of the Aquamation process, the inorganic minerals of the bone remain. The mineral remains are carefully dried and processed into a powder AKA "ashes" for the return to the family.

We return your beloved pet's ashes in a wood urn or you may choose something special from the listings of urns on our website

We at Eco Pure are dedicated to help and guide you through this difficult time. We ourselves lost our beloved golden retriever, Whiskey Rose a few years ago. She absolutely loved the water. After being introduced to Aquamation, this felt like the perfect way for her to return Mother Nature. Through water not fire.
Your cherished pet's remains will be treated with the same respect as we would treat ours."

What is Aquamation?

The following short video illustrates very clearly and tastefully the Aquamation process and how it differs from Flame-Based Cremation.