Dr. Forslund

Dear Clients and Friends,

Many of you have requested that I provide a blog regarding End of Life pet care and this post/email is in response to this need.  

In this blog, I will share tips to help pet owners who are facing their pet’s End-of-Life phase, share memorials of precious family pets who have passed away so as to honor their memory and I will discuss any topic that you feel is important.  In order to find out what subjects are of interest to you, I have created this survey which will take only a few moments.  From the results of this survey, I will make a list of the most popular blog topics suggested.  You can take the survey by clicking here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VKDQMTW.  

Many of you have friends, family and associates who are in need of our services.  Pet Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia are very new ideas and often times, people who need our services hear it from a friend.  Think back of when you were in need of our service...  how did you get the idea that this type of service was even possible?  Likewise, there may be someone out there who will be eternally grateful that you shared our post/email with them in their time of need.

If any of you find it difficult to receive my blog and if it is a painful reminder of the passing of a beloved pet, please don’t hesitate to request to be removed from our list and we will definitely respect your wishes.  The safest way to do this is to click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email and it will automatically remove you from our list.  You can be re-added at any time by emailing me.

In closing, I would like to share Roxy’s memorial:

Roxy Memorial