Stanley Davis Halsey became an amazing addition to our family over 15 years ago! Even as a puppy, we knew that little wobbly guy was meant for us. He was such a great Dog; fun, playful, rambunctious, loving, loyal, smart, and even a little mischievous! As an intolerable teenager we knew he was meant for us. He would sneak out of bedroom windows and chew himself a doggy door into every back door of the house for his “Houdini escapes”. Stanley was a great watch dog. He protected our boys like they were his own. Stanley went everywhere with us; to dinner, to the store, to the bank, etc. He would much rather “go for a ride” and wait in the car or sit outside a restaurant and greet everyone who walked by, than to stay home. Stanley loved long runs on the beach, he could go for hours, literally, HOURS! Stanley loved to play hide and seek with my husband and our boys. He just love it! The boys would have Stanley sit and wait while they hid one of his toys under a pillow in one of the bedrooms. Then they would yell, “okay” and Stanley would run into each bedroom and sniff until he found his toy. He would run down the hall with such poise, he was so proud to have found his toy. He would sit and wait for them to hide it again. Stanley was truly FAMILY! We adopted another dog named Zoey, about 4 years ago. Zoey fell in love with Stanley the second they met. Zoey was Stanley’s shadow, she followed his every move.

As Stanley got older he really started slowing down. Over the last 6 months of his life we really noticed his age. It got hard for him to get up and down, really hard to walk, and towards the very end; too hard to go to the bathroom or to eat. At the end, the cancer really got to him. As much as we wanted our Stanley to be with us forever, we knew it was time. Time for Stanley to be in the heavens where there is no pain, no fear, just peace and free spirits! We were dreading taking him to the vet to put him to sleep. He hated going to the Vet. Fortunately, we were referred to Dr. Forslund and her Home Euthanasia Program. Dr. Forslund was a life saver for us, for Stanley, and for our FAMILY! When she walked into our house, Stanley was grateful, you could tell he was waiting for her. Dr. Forslund was patient, kind, so caring and respectful of us and our situation. My husband and I, our 10 year old son and Zoey sat with Stanley and Dr. Forslund and watched him drift off to the heavens. As hard as it was to say goodbye, Home Euthanasia was the best decision we had made! I would recommend it to anyone who has to put an animal down. It is so personal and so special, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Dr. Forslund!
We will always miss you Stanley, may you run and run and run forever!
We love you so much,
Mom, Dad, Quentin and Zoey.

Friends who remember Stanley...

Love never dies :).
We remember...
You are remembered.
We remember. . .
Stanley lives on in the hearts of those who loved him... ❤️
You are forever loved.
Forever Loved♡
Always in our hearts
Thinking of you in this day of anniversary of the passing of Stanley ❤️❤️❤️