Dear Dr. Forslund,



My dog Jessie was approximately 17 years old and had belonged to my parents. In 2004, both died suddenly leaving Jessie very confused. Euthanasia was recommended for Jessie at this time however, I believed Jessie could continue her life at my home. She had many more years of a happy and active life. She always ate like a horse and her energy on walks could tow a car. In the recent past, Jessie developed a growth near her hind legs. Shortly after, she was seen by another vet for this growth. This doctor declined any treatment due to her age. The doctor recommended monitoring her until the time came to euthanize her.


Her life continued without problems until last week. I was then faced with the thought of having to take her to a veterinary office to have her put to sleep. However, veterinary offices were Jessie’s only fear and each visit was traumatic for her. I searched the internet and found you. I initially believed that your service would simply avoid the trauma of an office visit. What I discovered was your wonderful professional and compassionate care. You took the time to let Jessie get acquainted with you and she loved you. She ate table food, (her favorite), as you gave her the injection to relax her. All prior vaccinations for Jessie required her to be muzzled but she never even noticed yours. She remained comfortable and happy as she drew her final breath. I didn’t expect to become emotional losing a Jessie. However, it must have been the culmination of the passing of my parents and now her. Next thing I know, you hug me. You not only prevented any and all pain for Jessie, you did the same for me as well. Simply amazing!

I highly recommend your services to everyone needing to allow their pet to move onto their next life. The process was just as if Jessie ate her favorite plate of table food and went to sleep. Thank you for your wonderful service and compassion. There’s a special place in Heaven for you!

Don Heffern

Friends who remember Jessie...

We love you ❤️❤️❤️
Love never dies :).
We remember...
Jessie is remembered... ❤️❤️❤️
In honor of Jessie
You are remembered.
We remember...
Jessie lives on in the hearts of those who loved her... ❤️
Thinking of you.
Always in our hearts
Thinking of you in this day of anniversary of the passing of Jessie... ❤️❤️❤️
You are forever loved.