Dear Dr Annie,

Thank you so much for helping our saying goodbye to Roxxy to be a memorable and compassionate time.  Meeting you for the first time we all felt like you were part of the family.  You made us feel so much more at ease at what was going to occur and you were so very patient with us. I felt as if I wanted to wait all day and night you would have stayed right there with us. You made her last day so very comfortable not just for us humans but for her too. Thank you for the gift that you brought to us - your care and compassion. And LOVE the paw print - a true treasure.

Roxxy had an incredible life of almost 17 years (therefore the extra X for extra special). Roxxy was found on the street in 2000 which is when we adopted her and she never stopped getting tons of love from that day onward and she will continue to feel that love.

I had friends in from New York that came to visit but they never expected a memorial service for their friend's beloved Roxxy.  They are still talking about it to their friends back home saying that it was the most beautiful and loving ceremony they have ever witnessed, including human ones!!! I can't agree more!

Tracey and Shannon
Beverly Hills



Friends who remember Roxxy...

Roxxy you are very loved and missed!
Lots of love ❤️
Love never dies :).
A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart. Thinking of you...
We remember...
Roxxy is remembered... ❤️
Roxxy - you are missed
Miss my Roxxy every day but I know she is in my heart every day!! Sending kissed to you!
Roxxy was a very special friend, she will be missed.
She was so brave. She gave her all to Tracey, Shannon, Scooter and Calvin, right up to her gentle exit.
Gentle travels, devoted canine.
We love you Roxxy and I know you are happy the time of your life playing in puppy heaven. Tell Pepper I miss her-everyday!❤️❤️
I miss my Roxxy terribly but good to know I have a place to help keep her memory alive. She will never be fogotten!!
We remember. . .
We miss you so much Roxxy! Big kisses!!
For your Roxxy...
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️