Dear Dr. Annie,

I am very thankful for the hospice program as Dr Meg did a great job educating me about how to assess breathing issues and what signs to look for when the time was near. She called me promptly when I had additional questions which was greatly helpful. You personally have responded to my emails over quite a few months which has been very kind. I have already recommended your services to someone else who has a dog with cancer.

Karma is very smart and has a special personality.  The list of people who love her is a mile long. We had 10 glorious days together while I was off work for the holidays before she could no longer be here.  I will treasure these memories forever.  On the day she died, she guarded the house as usual barking at everyone who came by and she sniffed all over at the park. A good last day!

The last picture of us together was during a walk by the beach days before she passed and I think it shows the joy we felt being together. 

Thanks for your help.

Liz Andrew
Fountain Valley

Friends who remember Karma...

I hope that you are out there happy and frolicking my dearest Karma. I can't believe that it has been 3 years already. You will be in my heart always.
You are truly loved!
Lots of love ❤️
My dearest Karma- Not a day goes by when I don't think of you, how much you meant to me, and how lucky I was to have you in my life. I know that you are flying high and hope that you swing by every now and then to see how I am doing. With Love Forever, Liz
Over a year has gone by my dear Karma and not a day goes by when I don't think of you and miss you so much. I am finally thinking of bringing a new dog into my life when the time is right. You know that you are irreplaceable and I have so many great memories of our time together. I was so lucky that you came into my world, not everyone gets to have such a family member. Thanks again for taking such good care of grandpa when he was so sick and sad. I know that you really enjoyed helping him out even though it has a large toll on your little body. Continue to rest in peace and run smiling through the green grass in the warm sun! Love Liz
Love never dies :).
We remember...
We have precious memories of you... sweet Karma.... going for walks......spending quality time together... specially going out to lunch with you and your mommy and your aunts, Janice and Michelle.... and us.... you are in our hearts.... forever.....!!!!
To my sweet baby karma, i will truely miss u, i hope u have all the bully sticks ur little tummy can handle, u were such a good girl, and i will forever keep u in my memory ❤
Your precious Karma, loved that sweet little girl. You have many beautiful memories, keep them close to your heart. Janice
A white rose with a white candle for the white tornado. May she be in peace and present with all of God's precious critters.
Remembering sweet Karma
My dearest Karma, It has been almost 4 months and I still miss your presence terribly. I wish so much that we had more time together but that was not meant to be. Please know that you will always be in my heart.
You are remembered.
We remember...

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