Hello Dr. Annie, 

You are so sweet and amazing to check in with us. ..as you know it has been a tough journey, missing our sweet Maggie and wanting to honor her and grieve.  It sure took me a while to reply and process!  But something pretty neat happened. Dr. Annie you made it so much better by coming to our house with your beautiful spirit and understanding heart, letting us sob in front of you and not feel we had to put on a brave face.  There was no way we were going to drive our girl to some ER vet on a Sunday and go through a brutal process.  You just understood and helped us through what could have been so much harder.

We found Maggie at the Wagon Train pet and grooming shop when we were supposed to be buying crickets for our chameleon!!!  Best day ever. A bit of history...our daughter Kaitlin, who entered this world when our first baby, Maggie was 5, has always wanted to have puppies of her own (very specifically mini Australian Shepherds). She rides horses and these dogs are all around the barn, a lot of them from the same breeder and family.  We always said “no” ...Maggie would never tolerate another prince or princess in her castle! But the day Maggie passed, a litter was born...soooooo...enter Piper and Sailor! Brother and Sister offered to us by Kaitlin’s trainer.  Our house is crazy and we miss Maggie every day but these two are pretty amazing medicine! And while we feel like it happened quickly, brought them home on Sept 10th...they have certainly helped us heal.  Maybe because we are so busy trying to potty train two!  Totally Nuts !!! Now rewind to that fateful day...as you know, Tony and I complete wrecks and beyond heartbroken.  At least we knew, with our Mags having a stroke, there were no decisions to be made, except to call you. We called Dr. Kavanagh and he was busy being the “vet for the OC Fair, he told us you were “our girl”. 

Thank you Dr. Annie from the bottom of our hearts,
Lisa and Tony Lee
Santa Ana

Friends who remember Maggie...

Lots of love ❤️
Always in our hearts.
Maggie is remembered... ❤️❤️❤️
We miss you every day sweet Mags :-)
We miss you every day sweet Mags. xoxoxo, Mom
We remember...
Love never dies :).
Maggie lives on in the hearts of those who loved her... ❤️
We remember...