Dear Dr. Annie,

I would like to thank you for the compassion you gave to us during the most difficult time of our lives. I've never been through this process before and I was grateful that you made me feel at peace with the process of helping my best friend cross over to the other side peacefully. The work that you do is a Godsend. I am so grateful that I was able to let my Mickey pass in the comfort of his home and in my arms. Thank you for showing every animal such care and compassion.  

I bought Mickey 9 years ago, in Tucson, AZ. He was my first dog. He was my everything. My source of unconditional love, my clown, my hunter, my explorer, my travel partner, and my joy. Mickey was the strongest, bravest, loving soul. 

We just moved to California a year ago, he and I did this big move together, and I was unafraid because I had him by my side. Growing up, Mickey loved the desert trails in Arizona! We both endured the heat of Arizona and walked so many trails together. Mick loved to chase the bunnies in the desert, he was never off the leash of course, but this became his thing, chasing bunnies, with me dragging behind him as he went nuts! I loved that so much. He was also a great lizard hunter and digger! Very true to his miniature pinscher breed.

In 2014, Mickey contracted Valley Fever, a fungal disease mostly found in the South West. He miraculously survived. While here in California the doctors found a mass in his abdomen. It was removed in August 2016. Unfortunately Mickey never fully recovered from that. I describe my heart as glass that is now shattered since his departure. I am grateful for you Dr. Annie, for making this wonderful soul's passing so peaceful and calm. I will always miss my little boy. I am happy that I could do this for him in his time of need. Thank you ever so much for what you do.

Susan and Kelly Bair

Friends who remember Mickey...

You will never be forgotten!
Lots of love ❤️
Three years have gone by without you by my side. Three miserable years. You were more than a pet to me. I lost my best friend. I miss you still, each day. Each day that passes is a day closer to you. See you soon my friend. Mommy loves you <3
❤️thinking of you
Not a day had gone by that I have not thought of you and missed you. I still talk to you each day, quietly, as if you were still at my side. I know you' are still at my side but in a different form. I love you so much my little boy. My life keeps going somehow without you. I'll miss you until the day my heart stops beating, and then we will be reunited once again forever. Mommy loves you my best friend forever. My everything.
Love never dies :).
We remember...
I can't believe a year has gone by without you by my side. I miss you so very much and I'm so grateful to have had you in my life while on this earth. I will never forget the love you gave to me, as I still feel it. Mommy loves you forever, and I will miss you until the day I see you again. Please never forget me and the bond we shared.. I love you my little boy.
Lighting a candle in memory of Mickey and for Mickey's mom to help ease the pain of his passing and find peace and comfort knowing that Mickey, as a spirit being, is still around her and loving her.
Thinking of you Mickey and all those beautiful memories you shared with Kelly and the rest of your family. You will always be well-loved and forever in their hearts today, tomorrow and forever until you meet once more xx
Mickey, You were a wonderful corn dog. I never met you but I felt like I definitely did. Rest easy you beautiful boy. --
Love You
You will always be remembered
Thinking of you, Mickey.
Rest in peace Mickey.
Like the man says: Woof!
I have never seen any person love a dog as much as Kelly loved Mickey. That dog was so loved and I know he is happy and at peace in doggy heaven somewhere. Happy birthday Kelly :)
I light a candle for baby Mickey of my friene Kelly. I am very sorry for your little friend.
Fly High Sweet Angel
Thinking of you. So sorry for your loss.
Mickey, your human loves you and misses you. I think of you often.
You were so loved and cared for. You have been greatly missed and left a puppy heart shaped void in our lives. Have fun chasing those balls Mickey!
Sending you thoughts and prayers during this time.
They always stay alive in our hearts ❤--
Miss you Mickey, you'll always carry a special place in our hearts. The memories of our family adventures, road trips, and new beginnings will always be remembered.
Hugs.gald you are a part of our online family...I hope you can find some peace. It's a year next week for me, I know your pain.
Rest Easy. You're free now.
So sorry for your loss.
I light a candle in memory of sweet Mickey-- Your Mommy misses you and loves you with all of her heart and soul. My Pippi is in Animal Heaven to...and probably chasing squirrels and playing with all the furbabies. We,will be reunited with our babies one one day...never to be separated from them again. Sending peace and Love your way----
Payers that Mickey is at peace and you are comforted knowing one day you will see him again.
Hey gorgeous mickey, hope you're having fun up there, your mum misses you very much but I know that you're up there watching over her ❤️❤️
Wishing you and your mom peace and happiness. Watch over her, she misses and loves you!
Sweet Mickey-know that your mom misses and loves u so much...I know u will be waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge!! When u meet my Border Collie Skye-please give her a kiss for me!!!