Hello Dr. Annie,

I know you could see how difficult it was for us to let him go after almost 14 years and frankly, we don’t know how you do it.  On behalf of all of the furry parents you assist, we thank you.  Your compassion, attention to detail (I recall you “hiding” your equipment out of our direct sight) and consideration for us at such an excruciating time of grief is so very, very appreciated. Dr. Annie, you are a kind-hearted and gifted veterinarian and we are so thankful that you do what you do. The kindest words you imparted to us when asked “Is it time?  Are we doing the right thing?” was “Better to let go a day too soon than an hour too late.” We recall those words often when thinking of our beloved pet and how much we miss him.

Kona came to us as a puppy just as we were losing another of our pets to kidney failure.  He so helped ease that loss as well as yet another loss, years later, of our Dalmatian, Hamlet.  It’s always more comforting to have another “fur baby” beside you to ease that loss, offer licks and cuddles and fill a little of that empty hole.

This time, for us however, there was no other pet to ease that transition and so this has been especially difficult  for us. For anyone questioning the value of home euthanasia, having experienced both at home vs. at the vet’s office, we can say with the utmost certainty that allowing your pet to make this transition is so much kinder and gentler in their own surroundings.  Our Kona was able to lie on his own bed (not a hard sterile surface), we were able to give him a delicious, hot meal made just for him and, the kindest part of this process was that Dr. Annie gave us all the time we needed to say “goodbye.”  We never felt rushed and her loving understanding helped us get through this difficult ordeal.

Thank you again Dr. Annie, for helping us through such an emotional time. 

The Larsons
Sue and Steve

Laguna Woods

Friends who remember Kona Lite...

Kona was a beautiful boy who had a very loving family. RIP Kona.
Miss you, boy!
Sending warm love and thoughts your way.❤️
Here’s to one of the best boys! We miss you, Kona! ❤️
I miss you Kona bologna you are so missed....love you!❤️❤️❤️
Not a day goes by when we don't think of you with love and longing! We miss you so very, very much. We hope that you're playing with Hammie & all of our & our friend's other doggy babies and our most fervent hope is that "heaven" is where you all are, waiting for our arrival! We love you beyond measure sweet boy! <3
Always in our hearts.
You have such wonderful memories--
You were loved and are missed.
We miss you Mr Baloney Head! ----------❤--❤----------
Kona is always in our thoughts, still, every single day. We miss him more than words can say. Rest easy sweet boy and wait for us. We'll be there soon enough! We love you little Koney Baloney!
Love never dies :).
What a special sweet boy.I always loved seeing him carry a favorite stuffed toy.He's missed.
Remembering a sweet happy dog who lit up Sue and Steve's life for many years. We all wish our fur babies lived as long as we do. May this candle keep your memory alive.
We love you guys,❤️❤️❤️
Lotsa love and hugs ....
To my "BELOVED HARRY" you brought so much love happiness compassion fun crazy escapades.. comfort when times were tough and kisses & snuggles when we both needed it. I WILL LOVE FOR ALL TIME UNTIL WE'RE ALL TOGETHER....--❤️----
We remember...
Doggy heaven has another great doggy!! Keep fetching those toys and chewing on those bones!! Love ya!
We love and miss you everyday little boy. We see you everywhere and so wish we'd had more time together. It doesn't seem there's ever enough time. Wait for us...we'll see you soon. With all our love- Mommy & Daddy
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️