Dr. Annie was full of love, respect and loving countenance. Each one has such a kind and compassionate voice and started the process of easing our “pain”. Working with the gals in the office was to first step to peace. I searched all over to find a “home visit” vet to help with our Cocoa Puff’s passing.  Finally my vet suggested Dr. Annie and we were so grateful.  Words cannot give her justice.  Honestly once we found Dr. Annie our healing began.  She is a very compassionate conscious wise woman and we are grateful.
Cocoa Puff came to us at 7 weeks old.  He lived a full life with us for 13 years.  Cocoa loved to play ball at the ocean and hold his head out the car window and let the sea breezes blow up his nose. Bruce my husband taught Cocoa how to fetch at 8 weeks and from then on we had a champion ball player in the family.

Cocoa was a very unique guy.  Chocolate merle in colour, long coat standard in size chihuahua.  Yes standard chihuahua for he was 12 pounds.   What a beauty he was. Our other long coat chihuahua Dante is the cutie.  The cutie and the beauty!  Cocoa loved living with us. Each day brought a new adventure at the park or the beach or just around the block.  He was by my side always whether walking, sleeping, going to my yoga classes or sitting on the back of my easy chair. One day on said chair he threw his head back and howled like a fox. Yes a fox. That was what our Cocoa looked like.  A fox!

Cocoa thank you for coming back into our lives so quickly after departing for we know you have reincarnated into our big red cat Murray. 

Lakshmi, Bruce, Heidi, Dante and Murray
Huntington Beach

Friends who remember Cocoa Puff...

I hear your mommy and daddy talk about you all the time. They love you very much. Even though we never met, I feel like I know you and your sweetness. Cocoa Puff, may you rest in peace.
Never forgotten ❤️
Cocoa Puff, our new boy Jet says hi. He is feeling the pressure trying to fill your paws. SO, give him a little encouragement when you can. And, he is so enjoying the Underland just as you did.
words cannot express that which the image of your little cocked head and face illicit. Thanks for being with us and sharing your being namaste
Connie cone cup I think of you often and miss your energy! You are very much loved ❤️ Love your one and only sissy
We love and miss you still Cocoa Puff. Your presence was so big and full in our lives. Much Love Cocoa
We remember...
Cocoa Puff is remembered... ❤️❤️❤️
Love and miss you Connie Cone Cup! Love Sissy
A dog for the ages!!
I love and miss you Connie Cone Cup! I think and love you every day!
Love never dies :).
Hi Cokie, It's sissy. I miss and love you!
Cocoa, you rascal. Your unique personality will certainly be missed. Hope you and Aja are having a blast! Visit whenever you like. We'll know it's you be the smile you bring to our face and heart. namaste
We sure do love you Cocoa Puff. every day we were together was a new day for us!
We remember...
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️