Greetings Dr. Annie,

I first want to thank you for the personal touches that you and your staff have shared with us over the last month. You know the struggle pet owners face in these tough times, and you can relate. It shows in every bit of information you share to the gentle moves you make. Your informative website, while painful to study at first quickly put my mind at peace. Our first call to the office was nothing short of a blessing. An encouraging voice validating a right decision is very reassuring. Upon your arrival, your beautiful spirit/energy/aura/whatever anyone calls it, pouring out strength, kindness, empathy and hundreds of other positive adjectives. Ernie and I never once questioned our decision after all was said and done. I had been witness to a 18-month cancer survivor who was losing a battle. The tumors on his leg were nightmarish, while his sweet spirit and warm purrs always were a comfort. The last couple of weeks were especially difficult, as I had never had to be both judge and jury for euthanasia. I had also never had a relationship with a living being who had cancer before. I had said goodbye to Tut many times before you visited that evening. The next morning, while utterly heart-broken and exhausted, I also somehow felt renewed. The weight I had been living under was lifted. Thank you for being instrumental in a life changing decision I made. 

King Tutankhamen came home today. He has taken his rightful spot next to his sister, Queen Nefertiti. 

Both you and your wonderful associates made an absolutely heart-breaking experience, a cherished meaningful humane experience for my husband, our other pets and myself. From our first phone call to your recent email, you have shown nothing but heart. All heart. 

Our cat, King Tut, had been fighting cancer from vaccine site-injection tumors for over 18-months. He had two major tumor removal surgeries, but was slowly losing the battle. A family member had heard about you from several friends and gave us your number. 

Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!! I don't know what else to say. 

I wish every pet lover knew services like this were offered. The trauma of taking a suffering pet, stressed out in a carrier, to a cold and sterile office setting for their last time with you, is just about the worst thing ever. All of that is simply taken out of the equation with Dr. Annie. You pick the time, you pick the place, you decide the best way to honor your pet, you choose who can be present. 

One of the most touching and important parts of the visit, is giving your other pets the opportunity to say goodbye. We have two younger Siamese sisters who adored their "King" and they most definitely said goodbye in their own way. While it took just seconds and was practically indiscernible, we knew they understood the situation.

When the time comes, do not question if this is the right to go. It is! Unquestionably! 

One last thing, I understand cost is a factor. Especially after spending hundreds or thousands on trip after trip to the vet, medications, surgeries, etc. The fee for this service WILL NOT break the bank, is WELL WORTH every penny and peace of mind is PRICELESS!! "

Thank you for your loving kindness, 

Timothy Holmes & Ernie Kelsey
Mitzi & Trixi


Friends who remember King Tut...

King Tut sounds like he had a very wonderful and loving family. I'm sure he is greatly missed but I'm glad he's no longer suffering!
Cheers to King TUT !!
Sending love and hugs and kitty kisses. I am glad Buttons has friends on that side of the bridge, just as I am glad Tim and Ernie are my friends on this side of the bridge. Until then. Lisa
I loved visiting with you Tut!
OK, Tut. Be sure to keep an eye on what's going on down here from up there. You were a good kitty here and now that you're got the power.
Hi’ya big guy! You’re missed here at 400! Hope you are living it up with your sister Titi in Kitty Heaven. Tall Daddy
Always in our hearts.
King Tut is remembered... ❤️❤️❤️
We may as you every day Tutters!
Hope you’re running around in clouds King Tut!! Say hi to Jackson for me! reign.
Hardly a day goes by that we don’t think about you! We know that you are an exceptional feline angel in pet heaven!
Love never dies :).
I miss you terriblely big guy!!!
Miss you Tut!!
To be able to look back on this moment with peace and love is so wonderful. Thinking of you both with love. King Tut was blessed to be loved by you. ❤️
We remember...
My thoughts are with you and Ernie.
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️