I want to thank Dr. Annie for her kind and wonderful service. When Dr. Meg arrived I was already flowing with tears. She was calm, caring, sweet, and so patient. My husband and I were with our beautiful Foxx, holding her on her favorite blanket, on the bed. I held her close and we all said good-bye. I could feel her little purr and she peacefully went to rest.

Everyone should know about this service. I wish I had sooner, but especially for Foxx I am so grateful you were here for us. I can truly never express my thankfulness to you and Dr. Meg or my special love and relationship with Foxx. It helps to write it out and speak of her. You know, smile through the tears. I think maybe, I didn’t cry enough. There was so much going on.  I thank you again so much. 

Foxx was so magical in her own beautiful way. I know Foxx was a cat, but she was a “people” to me. Our sweet friends come and then go too quickly. I have had many a heart break as others left. This is just so hard.  I know she is in heaven. I have had the most amazing couple of signs from God. I can’t see how anyone can say that there is not a place in heaven for them, because that is where they came from. It is my first summer without her and my dad. I know they are at peace after their work here on earth was done.  I know I will fill the void in different ways. That physical love is gone, the sweet memories fill me now along with my keepsakes. It feels good to talk and well, cry. 

I found my sweet kitty Foxx on a street in Riverside in 1997. She was always here for me, never a problem, healthy, playful, sweet, gentle and always polite to others. I thought she was stray cat, but it turned out she was a type of cat called a Nebelung. Not only was she an angel, but a princess. We lived for over together for over for 20 years. September 2017 she returned to heaven. I truly did not rescue her, she rescued me.

I am forever grateful for your service and the sweet calm of Foxx’s passing. 

Thank you so much for everything.

With love and appreciation,
Jenny Jarrard
Moreno Valley

Friends who remember Foxx...

Lots of love ❤️
My sweet, kind Foxx, I think of you everyday. I have your picture on my desk. Joy for all of our years together. You were such a gift from God.
My sweet Foxx I think of you everyday. Its almost our special day anniversary ....the day I found you or you found me. I miss your friendship. love your momma
Lots of love ❤️
I'm glad you had such a long time with your baby - Foxx!
Sweet memories of my sweet Foxx. Such a joy! Thank you Foxx. Love you forever.
Our fur babies live in our hearts and memories... ❤️
She was a beautiful cat and a very good companion; she will always be remembered.
We love you Foxx, thank you for being such a wonderful kitty for so many years.
You lived a happy, rescued, life, to the fullest. Couldn’t have had better owners. RIP Foxx--
We miss this sweet wonderful kitty very much. We received so much love from her over the years. Great memories
Sweet Foxx- I know you are still with me as I think of your calming kind love.I love you and miss you forever.
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️