Dr. Annie was phenomenal and through her kindness and professionalism, I was able to endure the difficult moment. I want to express my gratitude! I could not have asked for a better way to say my goodbye to my fur baby Brew than through Home Pet Euthanasia. 

I had the pleasure of being Brew's mommy for 13 years. I can't express enough the difficulty it was for me to put him down but I'm comforted knowing that Brew had a good life and went peacefully.  This service was the best thing I could have done for him during his final hour.

My boy is forever in my heart. 

Mabel Dicely
Orange, CA 

Friends who remember Brew...

Lots of love ❤️
Miss you sweet Brew!!
You are missed!
Lots of love ❤️
Miss you baby boy!!
Brew was a bundle of joy! Enjoyed raising him and being his dad. Miss you Brewster
I miss you little brewster!! ❤
Brew-meister, You were truly a sweet, fun, loving and funny character. Miss your golden face.
You are truly missed Brewticus. Hope you are enjoying lighting up heaven as you did on earth...
Recordando a tu baby nuestro viaje a San Luis
Miss you Brew!!
May You Keep Enjoying, in Doggy Heaven!!!
Miss you sweet boy ❤
Brew!!! We miss you here and will never forget you. Hope your having fun in doggy heaven!
Miss you Brewy boy. Hope you’re chasing all those dogs up there. Get em!
Always in our hearts ❤️❤️❤️
Miss you sweet Brew ❤️
Brew-boy! Special place in my heart always. Miss you Brewsky! --
Brew absolutely adored his momma, there was no one else who mattered to him. His happy little face, furry hugs & playfulness will be remembered always.
We miss our puppy. Stinky farts and all. You’ll forever will rule our household. ------
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️