The service you and your team provide is truly an unselfish act of compassion. While we hated saying good-bye to our boy, from the moment Dr. Jenny arrived at our house, I knew we had made the right decision. Milo was so relaxed through the procedure and Dr. Jenny made sure we were all comfortable and never rushed. I can’t thank you enough for helping us through this difficult time.

We had to say goodbye to our sweet, gentle giant Milo on Friday, July 13th.   He was a 10 ½ chocolate lab who weighed about 95 pounds.  We adopted him when he was a year and half old. Everyone who met him commented on what a kind soul he was. He was a very laid back dog from the moment we knew him and although he liked walks, he loved eating and sleeping the most. He was known the most for laying by the upstairs glass door getting sun on his face and guarding our house from all the other dogs walking in our neighborhood. We received the final diagnosis of an aggressive brain tumor via a MRI only two weeks before.  We were hoping for more treatment options but most of all more time but it was his time to go. Our family misses him terribly and there is a hole in our hearts right now.   His brother (aka Riley, our other dog) misses him the most. I always say the only flaw a dog has is that they don’t live as long as we do.  

We love you Milo. This isn’t good-bye but until we meet again.

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart.   I'll stay there forever."
- Winne-the-Pooh
Mark, Patty, Corey and Riley Pound
San Clemente

Friends who remember Milo...

I still can't believe it has been two years since you have left us. I think about you everyday. I miss everything about you, but I miss your presence the most. Knowing that you were right around the corner always brought me peace. You were such a sweet boy and a light in my life. You always knew how to make a person feel loved. I miss your kisses, hugs, soft ears, big paws, and everything in between. You will always be my sweet boy and I miss you everyday. I will always love you
I still can't believe it has been two years since you have been gone. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and wish you were still here. I miss everything about you.....your soft ears, easy-going personality, seeing you snuggling with your pillow on the couch, getting big hugs from you but most of all I just miss your presence. Love you always.
Lots of love❤️
Thinking of our sweet boy - miss you and love you lots!
You will always be remembered with love!
From the time I had to carry you on a walk to being my buddy on the couch and your amazing hugs that you loved to give there isn’t a day that goes by when your not in my thoughts. Love you ❤️
To my sweet boy, I miss you so much and I think about you every day. There are so many things I miss about you, but I think the thing I miss the most is your presence. Knowing that you were always there for me whenever I needed a hug was always one of the most comforting things you could have ever given me. You taught me so much throughout the years I had with you. You taught me to appreciate the little things. You taught me that love is the most important thing in the world. You taught me patience. I miss your hugs. I miss your soft ears. I miss coming home to you. You were such a light in my life and I am forever grateful that I got to experience life with you by my side. You will always be my sweet, gentle giant. I know that you are not in pain anymore and I know that I will see you again one day. You were so selfless and loving. I wish I had more time with you, but I know that you are running around pain free. I love you always and I know that a piece of my heart went with you when you left us. You will always be a part of the family and I know that you are by my side every day. I love you with all my heart and I will never stop loving you. I will see you again sweet boy. Stay handsome. Love you always my gentle giant.
It’s been a year to the day today and I still think about you and miss you everyday. I miss all the little things - your hugs, your velvet ears, your big floppy paws, messy drinking, etc but most of all just your presence. I know you are in a better place and at peace. I love you always. Love, Mommy M
I miss you everyday sweet boy......especially your hugs. I know you are gone but you will always be in my heart. Love you always.
Forever loved ❤️
Sweet boy Milo ❤️
To our boy who had an amazing and loving soul that would comfort all who had the chance to meet him. We were so glad to have adopted/had you in our lives! Only wish your time here would've been longer although we know you're running free in the field, hanging out/enjoying the sunshine/breeze, and living life on the other side to it's fullest while sharing your love w/those who need it. For those who understand - thank you Milo for coming to see me and giving your warm loving comfort. Once again you knew when it was needed. May we meet again some day. Love you always
Thinking of you... ❤️