The compassion and care the this very difficult situation was handled with. The service was amazing. Thank you for that initial phone call and helping me with my conflict about "playing God". 

I wanted Rex to definitely spend his last moments with me and my family, so we highly appreciate the last moments that were given by the Doctor, in private. That amount of compassion we were showed of was amazing. Rex's passing was calm and it was better than what I was expecting. Rex is now resting evern though it is still very difficult. Thank you for helping ease the pain.

Rex was a very significant part of my life. He was rescued at 8 weeks old by my dad and brought to me to help me deak through a broken engagement. Rex came to rescue me. I highly believe Rex was God sent and he was a four-legged, furry, angel. God used Rex to save me from a dark hole. He was the best GSD I could have ever asked for and he will forever live in my heart. He was obedient, smart, loving, loyal, silly (he didn't realize how big he was sometimes LDL), he loved to play soccer and chased his tail when we called him a good boy(every single day). He brought so much joy and happiness at a moment where all I wanted to do was cry. We went hiking together, to the beach and to the riverbed. He loved going on car rides and making stops at Starbucks for his pupaccino ang my Chai Latte..mmm! He will forever be my baby. and for whatever reason he didn't like the rake and would get in trouble, like the one time he stole an article of clothing of mine and ripped it to pieces. So, getting the news that he was diagnosed with lumphoma was the worst and at an advanced stage. 

Losing him wasn't something I ever wanted but Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern California made it easier. You ensured Rex was as comfortable as he could be and you handled him with so much care and love. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in need of your services, without a doubt. Again, thank you. Rex is now resting. He's running, eating anf chasing all the ducks he wants. I love you. Thank you, especially for the follow-up call, it says a lot about the type of company you are. I will forever love and miss Rex, my angel.

Nidia Cruz
Pico Rivera

Dear Rex, 
We miss you so much, Chumino! There isn’t a day that goes by without us thinking of you and remembering you. Remember the time you dragged the white curtains through the back yard? I can only imagine how much fun you’re having with new friends and I can’t even think of how many tennis balls you’ve ripped and how many flat soccer balls you have now! I’m sure you’ve taught your new friends how to chase AND catch their tails and give besitos (little kisses). Are you stopping at every corner and traffic light like you used to do with me when you go on walks? -- 
We miss you every day. We will love you every day. Thank you for your love and everything we learned through you. 
Every day I wish the rainbow bridge had visiting hours to stop by and give you belly-rubs and bring you your favorite home-made peanut butter cake and blueberry fro-yo. 
We love you so much and forever have you in our hearts, along with your fur, your fur is still everywhere -- Thank you for the joy, happiness and love you brought to us. Yes, things were better when you were here but I know you’re doing so much better and loving every minute of it. So, thank you for the amazing memories that we will always cherish and will always live on…

Love you forever and ever, 
Sue, Mar, Danny, Mom and Dad

Friends who remember Rex...

I miss you, Rex. I forever love you <3
Lots of love❤️
Rex!!! You definitely left a mark in this world!! Thank you so much for the love!!! Such handsome dog!! Such playfulness!!! Love, Joana
I miss you and will forever love you! Just to let you would have had a baby to take care of very soon!! Keep enjoying puppy heaven!
I will always love you!
Much love ❤️
You are so loved sweet Rex ❤️
Thinking of you... ❤️