Dr. Julie was like an angel walking through our door. She was exceptional in making the experience go better than expected. About the service that made easier things for us is her quick, calm reaction in making Ozzy feel relaxed.  Her skills as an end-of-life practitioner were extraordinary. We never saw the entire needle or injection because Dr. Julie had a cloth over Ozzy's leg. She asked if we were ready and had said our last goodbyes or needed more time. Everything from the moment Dr. Julie walked in till she had us be pall bearers to bring Ozzy to her van and say final farewells. It was truly a peaceful, caring and personal experience to our Ozzy's life.

We miss our love Ozzy he will always be treasured, but we recently got a puppy a beautiful big healthy Male chocolate lab, we previously had a chocolate that helped raise Ozzy and Mojo, he is doing so well so fast, he just turned 8 weeks on Thursday, he and Mojo are becoming buddies which was my only hesitation in getting a puppy but there working it out. Again thank you for all you did for us in helping ozzy move on it was really a relief for all of us. Thank you and take care. 

I would happily recommend your service to anyone wanting a peaceful ending to your beloved pet's life. Well worth the price ang I would pay again gladly.

Stefan and Donna Lipson 
Huntington Beach

Friends who remember Ozzy...

Lots of love ❤️
You will always be remembered with love!
Lots of love ❤️
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