Through the end of Callie's journey, Dr. Annie was so sweet and genuine. She really took care of Callie and making sure she was as comfortable as possible. She not only took care of Callie, but us humans as well in our time of grief. 

Callie came into this life unapologetic, knowing who she was and where she belonged. Her confidence and stride were masterful, as if she had done this life before. She began her journey slightly feisty, but she quickly learned that she was loved and turned into our lap kitty princess. She loved to knead and head bump you to let you know she was there. Amongst 3 cats in the house, Callie was the house favorite for her loving, snuggly demeaner. Callie was handled with care, thoughtfulness and a full heart and cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful experience saying goodbye.

Wesley Parker

Friends who remember Callie...

Lots of love ❤️
Lots of love ❤️
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