Dear Dr. Forslund, 

My Joujou and I were very lucky to find out about your services. It reduced stress on my baby and on me. Also it provided us privacy and serenity for the so, so sad moment. I do not know how to express my appreciation to Dr. Julie. She was very gentle and compassionate to our separation. She would not mind to wait for me to say good bye to my baby Joujou. I held his body, hugged him, kissed him and hugged him and kissed him again and again. She patiently waited for me. I definitely talk with my circle about your service.

My dear Joujou, how much I miss you. I am crying now while writing about you. Remember baby when you was a young active boy, you climbed up on the tree and could not get down. Who climb up to get you. Your old mama. Oh my dear I miss you cuddling with me. Time to time you licked my hands and I told you “ yes, mommy know and I love you too”. But I knew you suffered with your illness and I have to let you go because I love you. Mommy. PS. Your brother Chouchou misses you too.

Rosie Nguyen
Santa Ana

Friends who remember Joujou...

Baby Joujou you always In my heart. I still cherish your image as a little boy playing catch with me. Strange? Cat plays catch? But you did. Did you meet your buddy Chouchou? Love you both.
Lots of love ❤️
Lots of love ❤️
You will always remembered with love!
It's been one year since Joujou has passed. Hope he is happy over the rainbow bridge.
My dear Joujou, your brother Chouchou could not bear the pain. He passed four months after you with hear attack. Now you both next to each other in my garden. You both are friends forever.
What a beautiful boy Joujou. Your mamma loved you so. You be together again in heaven.
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️
Rest in peace little Jou-jou.
Hope Joujou would be resting in the peace.
Joujou, mommy is crying again. I miss you so much baby. Yesterday I went to Target to buy food for your brothers and sister. Looking at your favorite food, “oh I missed you”
Sweet Joujou kitty ❤️

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