I want to Thank Dr. Julie for coming and helping  Coco.  I have had the experience of taking our other large dog to the vet and it was a difficult journey in the car and the dog was tramatized by the vet.  Dr. Julie let Coco stay where she was comfortable and made her feel safe and painfree.  She was snoring peacefully before she took her last breath.  It was a sad moment but it was the right thing and it was very peaceful.  

Coco was my rock.  I had her for 13 years and she was with me through many difficult times.  She was always there for me with a smiling face and a wagging tail.  I have two other dogs who have helped me through losing Coco.  The most difficult times were at night when I thought I heard her walking down the hall toward the bedroom for the night.  I actually think she did and was there but to let me know that all is well.

Patricia Hart

Friends who remember Coco...

Lots of love ❤️
Lots of love ❤️
I think about you every day