I want to thank Dr. Annie Forshund and her wonderful staff at Home Pet Euthanasia for their kindness and love in making the experience, from the first phone call, to our final goodbye, as pleasant as they possibly could. We wanted King Tut to pass over to the other world in a peaceful way, and in the surroundings he was comfortable and secure in.

A little over 10 years ago five cute little kittens came into our life.  They were born in our neighbor’s yard.  However, unknown to us, a short time thereafter mother cat found better accommodations, and hauled them over the fence one by one to their new home in a remote corner of OUR backyard.  They lived there for a couple of weeks before we discovered them.

Always having had dogs in our life, and two at that time, we initially never gave any thought to keeping the kitties. We started the process of trying to find homes for them. Our first calls were to the local animal rescue shelters that we knew would provide them a good home until a new family adopted them. We also circulated photos of the kitties to friends and relatives hopeful to find a home for them with people we knew.  

It just so happened at that time that all the shelters were full, and, none of our friends or relatives were interested. Over the course of the next several months our hopes of finding homes for them started to diminish, and we felt we may get stuck with five cats. However, during those several months the little buggers started growing on us, and before long, they were part of our extended family, joining our two dogs.    

As the years passed our love of them kept on growing, and, like anyone who has several animals, you start to grow an attachment to certain special ones.  For my wife, it was King Tut, our only male in the bunch.  King Tut ruled the nest with his four sisters and kept them inline, but at the same time was affectionate to all.  His affection and love also included my wife, son and I. After almost 11 years with us, King Tut became ill with an enlarged heart, and we sadly had to say goodbye to our sweet little boy. Actually, he was part Maine Coon and was a pretty big guy.

I’m a firm believer that events happen in our lives for a reason. Eleven years ago when our kitties were born in our neighbors yard and mother cat brought them over to our , it was not by coincidence, it was a spiritual plan so these little creatures would have a good home with us.  During those 11 years King Tut, along with his four sisters, showed us the special love and affection cats can bring into people’s lives.

I know King Tut is now in heaven with our son Ryan who passed away a few years ago, who also had a special bond with King Tut. They now live in a place of eternal love. Thank you for being our companion King Tut.  We love you, and you will forever be in our memories.  

Jim Bunck

Friends who remember King Tut...

You will always be remembered with love!
Lots of love ❤️
Tut, you were a very special friend. Love, Mom
To our sweet little boy that we miss dearly....
King Tut, you were truly a king here on earth. Your mom and dad loved you more than I can express. Your presence here on earth was a blessing to them. We will all miss you and we will meet again in heaven. Until then, enjoy your time in heaven.
King Tut, Your sweet Royal Highness.....you were very loved by your mommy and daddy, and your four kitty brothers and sissies. And Uncle Rich and Auntie Chris loved you too. Have a wonderful time in heaven with Ryan. We miss you here on earth. But we know you are happy. ❤️
Thinking of you...