Dear Dr. Annie,

I miss her every single day, she was such a darling imp...picture perfect...feisty...full of curiosity.  My favorite was that she always had to be it on the chair, the bed...she'd always make sure to move so that some part of her was connected physically to the person who was the object of her pleasure.  She'll forever be loved by us and I take such comfort in that I know we each gave one another better lives and that in the end, she was in my arms when she went to heaven.  Thank you, again, Dr. Annie, for giving us that peace.

I'm sure we never thought we'd see the world in today's state.  I think of the souls that have had to pass from this disease laying alone in a care bed.  Really horrible.  But we have our beliefs, family, friends and love/hope sustains us. 

Laura Martel

Long Beach

Friends who remember Cognac...

Lots of love ❤️
We miss you, Cognac, and treasure every moment we had with you. You were one of a kind. Always in our hearts, always.
Thinking of my girl...
We miss you soooo much, Cognac. Keep the Angels entertained!
Lots of love ❤️
You will always be remembered with love!
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️