Thank you, Dr. Annie and Dr. Daniel, for not letting a terrible day overshadow what Tonka meant to our family. We allowed her to go peacefully and quietly in the comfort of her own backyard. We are eternally grateful. 

Tonka was a beautiful, kind, gentle, and patient dog. She was with us before we were married, through two house moves (one international), and welcomed all three of our human babies into the family. She was a large bundle of kisses and cuddles with a huge smile. She loved nothing more than to sit on the couch outside in the sun and work on her tan. Dr. Daniel was the most compassionate and caring person ever. I couldn't imagine doing this without him there. He brought with him an overwhelming sense of peach and calmness. He was very professional and told us what would happen every step of the way. While he was the consummate professional, he was also totally human: he was moved by Tonka's passing. Even though he has to put dogs down everyday, he made our process feel special and meaningful. Having to say goodbye to Tonka was the hardest decision I have ever had to make but Dr. Daniel's kindness (and even his tears) made me realize that it was the best thing for Tonka. 

Clare Groeneveld
San Clemente

Friends who remember Tonka...

Lots of love ❤️
Lots of love ❤️
We miss you, sweet girl. We think of you and talk of you everyday. Sending you so much love.
You will always be remembered with love!
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️