Now that I look back, I wouldn't have wanted my dog to leave Earth and return back to the celestial world her soul derived from in any other way. I thanked God every day I was blessed by her wonderful loving presence and even after I let her go home (back in God's loving light) I still keep on thanking God that he gifted me with my beautiful Rosie. I was very impressed by the tranquility that Dr. Lily provided which allowed for my dog to peacefully pass. I kept my dog comfortable and calm by medications prescribed from the vet but even then, as we started, my dog didn't even realize what was going on (thank god) as Dr. Lily tactfully gave pain medication with a tiny needle to help calm my dog. My Rosie didn't even realize she was having an IV inserted. I was impressed by the vet's skills. I miraculously remained brave for my baby girl. After spending as much time as we wanted with my girl, I gave the okays to proceed the professional painless process as I sang to my little girl and gave her love and pets as she lay her head on my lap. Even as a nurse myself, Dr. Lili explained everything to me and answered my questions. I kept my brave poker face on for my baby girl up until it was confirmed that my dog was finally able to sleep after weeks of not being able to peacefully slumber like she used to. A sense of relief flooded over me knowing that my baby wasn't suffering anymore. As my neighbors asked where my dog was the following week, I told them how she peacefully passed and the former pet owners described their scary stories from the euthanasia done at their pet's clinic. Oh my God. I will never wish that even on my enemy. No dog and owner should unknowingly permit to such torture my neighbor described. Once I reached acceptance as part of the grieving process, I once again thanked God for my baby and thanked him allowing my Rosie pass very peacefully. I'm so glad this service popped up on my online search. They were the only place who heard how desperate I was after my primary vet notified me how fast the cancer spread. They heard the pain and fear in my voice over the phone and were very patient and quick to accommodate. I chose to keep my baby with us at home until the morning when I took her to Cal Pet Crematory which was also very accommodating to me as I wished to confirm the cremation of my Rosie. (You have the option to have your pet remain at home with you after to pay your respect/say goodbye) Thank God for HPE SoCal. As I kept on telling my friends and family, I wasn't crying because I allowed Rosie to leave our cruel and wicked world that abandoned her. I was crying because the same girl I rescued from the shelter 9.2 years ago is no longer sleeping by my side. As a mama bear, I protected my dog from further suffering. Please do not feel guilty or afraid of home euthanasia. As a nurse, I see ailed adults die in the hospital and after experiencing my baby girl return to heaven as she laid her head on my lap, I thought to myself: "God, if only it was this peaceful to pass as a human." I would like to conclude that my baby will forever be my little rose and the very best girl waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.

Susan Artin

Friends who remember Rosie...

Lots of love ❤️
What can I say? Rosie was an amazing dog. She always greeted me with kisses and love. She will be truly missed.
Heaven has another little angel ! You are missed and loved!
Rip rosie
My sweet little friend. Your love is with me till the end. Although our time together was short, your memory will always last. The light you gave will never pass.
RIP Rosie She was one of a kind, uplifting, and most loving dog.--
Rest in peace Rosie. I miss petting you.
My beautiful little Rose. Mama misses you so much. I miss petting your head and giving you a kiss every morning before work. I miss hearing your pitter patter as you walked through the house. I miss hearing you snore next to me in bed. Rescuing you was the best decision I’ve ever made. Years from now, as I lay in bed ailed and aged, I will be brave and look forward to being reunited with you as we will spend eternity in heaven. Until then, you will always be my side kick with every mountain I climb and every meal I consume. Mommy loves you forever. You’re the BEST girl.
Thinking of you...