Our family never wanted to have to write this letter about our beloved corgi, Snickers. But at age 15, her tough little body had worn out. Sadly, it was time for us to say our goodbyes. So we wanted to show her how much we loved her by sending her to heaven in the kindest and most loving way possible. That's when we found out about Home Pet Euthanasia of So Calif. All the arrangements were made easily and with care. On the day of our dreaded appointment, Dr. Daniel arrived at our home. What a kind, gentle soul! Our family gathered around our baby and held her in our arms while Dr. Daniel gently and peacefully put her to sleep. He was respectful and gave us all the time we needed.  It gave us peace to know Snickers passed away in the home she so loved, surrounded by her family. Thank you Dr. Daniel!

So now we want to honor our baby with her story so others can know the joy and unending love she brought to our family and friends for all the years we were blessed to have her. 
Our sweetheart Snickers was the light of our family’s lives. She helped us heal from the loss of our first beloved corgi Sugar Bear, who we lost shortly before Snickers joined our family. When we brought her home in 2005, we fell in love immediately with her sweet, stubborn, playful, and silly personality. From that day on, she gave us the most unconditional love that will be with us forever. Throughout her life we loved watching Snickers “fly” like Superman off of our kitchen steps, perform her zoomies over and over around our family room, bury all of the toys we would get her (if she didn’t destroy them before taking them outside), taking her for “walks” that meant she would sprint out the door for a few blocks and then lay down so that you had to carry her home, taking her to Corgi Beach Day, taking her anywhere and always being bombarded with people who wanted to pet her and tell her how cute she is, and never knowing if she would be sleeping in/under her siblings beds (sometimes making them sleep on the floor because she took up all the space) or under her parents bed. Every time we would come home we would be greeted with an abundance of joy from Snickers who would dance around in circles of excitement to see us. And we would leave, she would whimper and give us the saddest puppy-dog face forcing us to keep coming back to say another goodbye. She loved being cuddled and receiving millions of kisses. In her later years, her body couldn’t keep up this energy anymore, but she still always sought after those belly scratches and love from her family. And most importantly, she NEVER lost that sweet, loving smile that warmed all of our hearts. Even in her last breaths, that amazingly beautiful smile was still there. 
We are so heartbroken at the loss of our baby girl  and miss her so much. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of Snickers and wish she was back home with us. But we know she is in Heaven with her young and strong body back chasing all the ducks and performing her zoomies for all of the other doggos up there. And we know Snickers and Sugar Bear are going to be the best of friends. Snickers will forever be our angel pup watching over us, and we know one day we will be reunited and able to give her favorite kisses and hugs again. We love you forever Snickers!  

With love,
Sue and Emily Morenz 

Friends who remember Snickers...

Thinking of you. Love and blessings.
We miss you every day Snickies! You were a big part of our family for so many years. You gave us all so much love. We will never forget you and we’ll see you again in Heaven ❤️------
Thank you for watching over us this past year our sweet angel Snickers ❤️❤️❤️ We love you so much furever and ever our baby girl!
Lots of love ❤️
We will always love you Snickers! ❤️
You are so loved and will always be remembered!
Thinking of you ❤️❤️❤️