I posted this on Nextdoor.com to approx 35,000 accounts connected to this website.  I did NOT expect so much response from the post, just wanted to let people know about your service.  52 people made comments & 84 people used one of the emoji thing-a-mah-doodles.  A few commented how their babies are getting close to needing you too & thanked me for giving your info out.

Last Friday I chose to put my fur baby out of his suffering, I didn't even know this type of service existed.  This is my 1st cat that I was able to send over the Rainbow Bridge here in the comfort of his home.  Actually, we did it outside on the patio & the spa overflow was happening at the time, so, it was a nice, peaceful waterfall noise that my baby was used to hearing before they sedated him.  He had a rare condition called Chylothorax & he wouldn't let me give him medicine.  I tried to hide it in his food, but, he was too much of a smartypants for that.

If you ever have to go through this, I highly recommend, whenever possible, to do this in the comfort of your home for you & your fur baby.  The company I used was "Home Pet Euthanasia Of Southern California" (714-454-4080), they answer their phones up until 11pm every day, I believe, to schedule appts quickly.   

They were recommended to me by my vet at Little Cottonwood Animal Hospital at Katella/Bloomfield in Los Alamitos.  All the docs & vet techs over there are really great too.

Emily S. Knell
Los Alamitos

Friends who remember Chip...

Lots of love ❤️
We all think about & miss Chip/Chippie/Chicken-Noodle/Chipalicious (etc.) every day. Sometimes I find Dale, his twin brother looking sad & lonely. I talk to Dale & say Chips' name so he knows, I'm thinking about him too.
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️