It has been tough without my sweet boy. He was the best kitty ever! His love for companionship and being with us all the time was so unlike any other cat I have ever had. He loved his stretches and the flop over our shoulders where he would stay until we had to put him back down onto the floor. He was the greeter in the house whenever anyone would come over. He loved everyone. Odie is definitely  missed. When we found out that he had cancer, it was the saddest and worst day ever. He was so young at only 7 years old. God must have had other plans for this sweet loving boy. When we called Home Pet Euthanasia Dr. Julie was so caring and compassionate. She came to our house and made us all feel as comfortable as she could possibly do under the circumstances. We said goodbye to Odie with him cradled in my arms, somewhere he always felt safe and loved. 

Thank you Dr. Annie for being such a caring, sweet and understanding person through our tough time. 

Debbie Edwards
Fountain Valley

Friends who remember Odie...

We miss our sweet Odie every single day, his sweet nudges and hugs. I know his is having fun chasing birds, butterflies and kitty balls. We love you so much Odie and you are in my heart and thoughts always.
Lots of love ❤️
My Sweet Odie is missed every day. He was such a loving blessing to our family. There will never be another kitty as sweet and loving. We miss you so much!
Thinking of you... ❤️❤️❤️