Tucker came to join our family of two other Australian Shepherds (Molly and Quigley) and my husband and I, just over 10 years ago.  From the moment we picked him up at 8 weeks I knew, when he sat in front of me and looked up in my eyes, that he was home.   That little ball of fluff quickly grew into a big, strong athletic dog that competed in herding of sheep, ducks and cattle.  He also competed in Obedience, Rally and Agility and we enjoyed many many successes. Throughout all of his competitive years he gave 110 percent of himself and did everything with a fierce enthusiasm. There was never any doubt he loved life as he knew it. But above all of that, he loved playing with his younger sister Tayla, chasing her until their tongues were hanging, catching frisbees and jumping in the pool.  Tucker loved McDonald’s ice cream, he had an accurate to the minute tummy clock that made sure every meal was on time. He was my ever present shadow and he possessed an amazing ability to steal even a strangers heart.  His big brown eyes would always rescue him from a scolding when he needed it. His gorgeous long coat caught the eye of everyone, especially in the conformation ring. Tucker loved being the center of attention and always held his head high in pride. He was always gentle when accepting his cookies.

My heart was shattered when we received the diagnosis of Nasal Carcinoma. We promised him, after everything he gave to us, we would not allow him to suffer even a day. It was the last gift we could give to him. Thanks to Home Pet Euthanasia Tucker passed peacefully in my arms at home with his family at his side.  I still look for my shadow every day.

Mark and Tammy Pachura

Friends who remember Tucker...

Miss my shadow. Tucker was my powerhouse and my around-the-house helper after Quigley passed. He was a lover of tennis balls until moving and then he had an infinity for frisbee. He had this powerful bark who scared strangers but he reality he was a big mush ball. Strong and stubborn in the herding ring — well in most venues but he never shut down. When cancer slowed him down, he still comforted us by laying his head on our lap. I long for the day when I will see my boy at the rainbow ridge and we can return to a round of frisbee or may be ball. Hiss choice.
I miss you, Tucker. You were a beautiful and loving dog. I hope you are having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge with all who have predeceased you, including Quigley.
In a class at Arizona Dog Sports is where I first met Tucker. I remember thinking, what a gorgeous Aussie; such a beautiful neckline, the whole package. When I asked you (Tammy) his name & told you that I thought he was beautiful; you explained he was a Rex son. With that explanation, everything about Tucker made perfect sense, his countenance & his stunning good looks. I don't think Tucker ever took a bad picture! Some dogs just have 'it', Tucker had 'it' in then some. What a cherished life he lead with you, Mark & the other Aussies. Thinking of you; it's never easy; he was so loved.
you have spread joy and comfort to all those who loved you and now is your turn to rest Tucker, knowing sso many people cared and loved you God bless and RIP
One of the sweetest dogs I ever met. ❤
I never met you, Tucker, but I know you were very special. I hope you and my dog, Cannon, are hanging around together at the rainbow bridge. You both died of the same awful disease and I am so sorry.
I wish I'd gotten to meet Tucker. I know Wyatt (and Dale too) fell in love with him during their visit. A special boy who was well loved, and loved you well in return! May your memories of Tucker bring you happiness & ease your heartache.
In memory of the sweetest boy whole stole my heart and was always there for me, I light this candle. Miss you sweet boy!
So sorry about Tucker :’( A life well lived ... thinking of you
Thinking of you… ❤️❤️❤️

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