When the day came that we had to say good bye to our most loyal friend, Lenny; we just couldn’t believe it was happening.  He had an inoperable, massive tumor on his liver that could burst at any moment, the news was sudden and devastating.  We were not ready to say good bye, we couldn’t let him suffer, we wanted to do what was right for our sweet boy of 14 years; too many emotions to absorb.  When we made the decision, we knew we all had to be together as a family to send him off.  Home Pet Euthanasia set up an after-hours appointment with Dr. Julie to come to our home.  So, that afternoon, we drove Lenny around in the car, going nowhere, just allowing him to feel the wind on his face.  We went to In-n-Out for a burger he couldn’t eat, but hopefully the smells were enough and then we brought him home to his favorite spot on the couch that looks out into the yard.  Dr. Julie came, quiet and sweet, she handled our beautiful boy with love and respect and allowed us to take all the time we needed to say good bye to him.  He drifted off to sleep in his favorite spot in the house, in our arms, with the people and dog brothers that loved him so much.  I am grateful for the love that was and has been shown by Home Pet Euthanasia both on the day of send-off, the day they delivered our sweet angel’s ashes to us and the follow up since his passing.  The work Home Pet Euthanasia is doing is wonderful, let them help you say good bye.

Monica Rodriguez 
Rancho Santa Margarita

Friends who remember Lenny...

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