Good boy, Bender

Thank you, Home Pet Euthanasia, for helping our beloved Bender peacefully pass out of this world. It was a beautiful and loving experience and Dr. Lisa was so compassionate and thoughtful.

Bender was a very special dog. When we decided we needed another dog after our first family dog passed away, I asked a friend who volunteered at the Animal Shelter to keep an eye out for the “perfect dog”. I gave him a list of criteria. Our friend commented, “You’re not asking for much are you?”. It was a long list and, to our friend, it was unlikely that we would find “the dog” that would check off all the boxes at the Animal Shelter. But, soon our friend called and said, “I’ve found your dog”.

My children and I bonded with Bender immediately. My husband was skeptical about getting another dog, but when he met Bender, he knew. We did not know Bender’s background but it was obvious that he had been well loved and he continued to be well loved for the 11+ years that he was a part of our family.

Bender had the most wonderful, loving personality. He was so intuitive that it became apparent that he had work to do. He became a certified therapy dog and spent many hours improving the lives of the elderly clients that I see in my professional capacity as a music therapist. Bender knew who needed him. At one session, one of my clients’ spouse was dying. She had been sitting at his bedside and needed a “break”. Bender climbed onto her lap and she squeezed him so tight that I though she would break him. He sat with his head on her shoulder as she wept. He knew….

When Bender was about 9 years old, we adopted another older rescue dog. Bender immediately had a new “brother by another mother”. Bernie and Bender were friends to the end. Bernie was present as Bender left us and laid his head on Bender’s leg as he took his final breaths.

Bender will be remembered with love by our family but also by the many people whose lives he touched in his work as a therapy dog. Thank you, Home Pet Euthanasia, for helping Bender go out with dignity and those he loved petting him until the end.

Karen Skipper
San Juan Capistrano

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I miss you, Bender
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