We were immensely grateful that Dr Daniel helped us through the assessment and final farewell for our sweet Hoshi. I had asked for both the assessment and second appointment to be back to back rather than waiting and that was helpful.  Hoshi was terrified of the vet by that point but she relaxed with Dr Daniel and never showed any signs of distress. The materials on your website prompted us to write some prayers as part of our final moments. The process was peaceful and kind, as we hoped. And the follow up with her remains was also smooth. Naturally, it was devastating to be without her. We had imagined looking for another pup in the new year. I began to look at rescue organizations in the area and stumbled upon the story of Saffron. A tiny one year old Maltese mix who had been left to live in an alley with no care. She was painfully matted, infested, dramatically underweight, dehydrated and pregnant in her first heat. The rescue group took her to a loving foster home where she gave birth to 5 healthy (big) pups. We adopted her in October and are all adjusting. We still miss Hoshi so much. But it’s good to have another sweet pup in our lives. Thank you for your caring staff and for helping us through this time. 

Lori Prince
Long Beach

Friends who remember Hoshi...

I love you Hoshi.