I want to thank you all for your caring and compassion. Having this option made it easier to do one of the hardest things...Just knowing our Sadie was comfortable gave us more peace and we felt we gave her the best we possibly could just as we always have. My son said it helped him through it having it here at home. I have been telling everyone I know and don't know how this was undeniably the best way to do this and will continue to tell all about this service.

I'm glad knowing that our girl was comfortable and not stressed out by having to go to vets office, where it is cold and uncomfortable. I was able to lie down next to Sadie and comfort her and hold her. It helped my son and I knowing this was the right decision and she was peaceful. This service is very beneficial-I would recommend this to everyone.

Denise Parks
Huntington Beach

Friends who remember Sadie...

It was your birthday yesterday, the first one since you've been gone.. I light your candle everyday... I miss you everyday, you were my smile my happiness and I miss it... I miss you more
Mommies Girl my scaramouche, every nickname I ever gave you .. My moosh moosh... I miss you, WE miss you..your brother's love you, I love you. You placed your trust in us and loved us unconditionally and we the same to you for almost 14 years. Goodbye isn't forever...you play in Rainbow Bridge with Maggie n the others till we come over...