A dog I know has owned my heart
And now I feel so torn apart
Fourteen years she ruled the floor
And now she warms my feet no more

Our precious Spaniel, my Dolly-doo
My gentle Cocker, our snuggle poo
Those big round eyes, that sad old face
Of mirth or anger not a trace

When we would walk around the block
Her coat looked like a silken frock
I’d tell people to beware
Be scared of teeth she’d never bear

And then they’d laugh for she’s too sweet
Bend down to kiss her and to meet
The nicest dog in the whole world
That was our little Dolly girl

Her merry gait came through the door
And oh at night she loved to snore
When any person she would sight
Her tail would wag with pure delight

Back when she could hear she loved to howl
Make an O with her floppy jowl
Part dog, part wolf, out in the wild
Made us all laugh just like a child

She loved to go out on the boat
A tiny person in her fur coat
She’d jump over to chase a seal
Thinking it would make a tasty meal

Were we hers, or was she mine?
That’s the part that blurs the line
When a dog takes up a big part
Of your life and of your heart

So now she’s old and in such pain
She hides it well, but all in vain
Her soul has run out of it’s lease
So we must do what brings her peace

And as she sits here in our lap
Prepares to take a final nap
I see the love deep in her eye
I try so hard just not to cry

My furry child today shall die
I try so hard just not to cry
Forever in my heart she’ll lie
I feel like I just want to die

I try so hard just not to cry
And when it’s time to say goodbye
I know her soul will touch the sky
I try so hard just not to cry

I feel for months I’ll surely cry
I feel for years I’ll surely cry