You Were The Best,
But God decided You Needed a Rest
I Always Tried to Give You The Best
I Counted On You Through Thick and Thin
With You There Being Scarred Was Never an Issue
I Could Count On You No Matter What I Went Through
The Tears You Licked Away Stay In My Heart Forever and Always
You Listen and Cared As No One May Know When I Hurt On The Inside
Somehow You Knew When I Needed a Friend
I Hope I Was There For You in the Same When You Needed Me Too
I’m So Sorry for all The Pain You Had to Go Through
I Was HONORED To Be One of The People Who Cared and Loved You
All The way through it All
I Knew There Would Come a Day I would Have to Let You Go
Oh GOD I Wished It Didn’t Have To Be I Prayed and Prayed for it Not To be So
Then What I Feared for so Long Came Be…
When I Looked In Your Eyes
I Could Hear your Thoughts As If They Were Speaking to Me

Even Though My Heart was Breaking and Unbelievably Aching
In My Heart I Just Knew What I We Needed to Do
It Really was The Best for You Because you were
Tired and Done on The Inside
And Were Ready To Move On to the Otherside
Where You Could Be Whole Once Again On The inside
And Run Into the Rain and Feel No pain
Or Chase Sprinklers Side To Side Once again Outside…
That Day You Were Done
Holding on Fighting With Everything You Had
It Hurt So Much to Let You Go
I Had Forgotten How Much My Heart Would Ache So…
So I Asked Your Papa and Nan
To Be There To Greet You and Hold You ‘Hand”
Until The Day Comes
It’s My Turn to walk To the Light
I Hope You Know How We Loved You So
You’ll Forever Be in My Heart and Soul
I Hope I Took As Good Care Of You
You Did Of Me…
Dear TYKO I Love and Miss You So
So Much More Than Anyone Could Ever Know
I’ll Be Seeing You My Buddy My friend
I know you’ll Be There with Papa and Nan
And Please Let Them Know How Much,
Their Baby Girl Misses Them
and I Am Happy They Were There for You
And Now Your There For them
When you’re Life With Us on Earth Had To Come to an End
But...Now you have them and They Have You
That’s The One Good
Thing That I Have to Remember Came out Of having to Lose You…
We Love AND Miss You Everyday,TYKO…
Love, Mom and Dad
Shaun, Anthony,Taylor,H,Mark
And Jordy She REALLY misses You too!!!

-Judy Ellis

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