In our mind, you were the stuff legends were made of.

Any moment, we swore you were just going to start talking, letting us know you understood everything we said.

We wondered to each other if there was something wrong with us because we loved you so much and never tired of speculating what you were really thinking.

You were more than just a dog, a pet, to us.
You were our guardian angel, ushering each of us through a time when our family was just forming.

You were our constant, our cornerstone, making us laugh every day and when there were bad times, you gently reminded us with your big soulful eyes that we could do better, that we still had a lot more in us and we were bigger than our circumstances.

You have done your job well, my friend.

Your work is complete.

Go in peace our sweet Cheech.

The Landes Family
San Juan Capistrano