She gave life & joy & grace to those around her, man and beast alike.
Farewell,Sweet Sue poem
My Alpha Girl
My Frisky Girl
My Funny Girl
My Happy Girl
My Hungry Girl
My Little Girl
My Needy Girl
My Pretty Girl
My Whiney Girl
My Silly Girl
My Shiny Girl
My Sleepy Girl
My Pinhead
My Pointy Nose Pig
My Skinny Piggy
My Elegant Beast
My Cookie Monster
My Sweets
My Sweetness
My Empress
My Roomie
My Beautiful Loser
My Sue
I remain inspired by, and dedicated to your indomitable spirit, your energy for life, your boundless curiosity, and sense of fun.
My greatest hope is that you are not alone.
Your life was true to your nature:
Spirited, Intense, Fast, & Fun

This poem was submitted by Bruce Cashin to honor the memory of Sweet Sue